Sharp PC1500

The Sharp PC-1500 was a (large) calculator style PC with a full host of both calculator and computer features. It can be programmed in BASIC as well as machine language.

Collection of Sharp PC 1500 and related items

The machine, printer and cabling all fit into a nice book-sized case.

Open case view of the Sharp PC 1500 case with associated gear

The open case reveals the contents. Most of the related items in the collection are pictured as well.

The Sharp CE 150 Printer

The computer could be attached to the printer/plotter which allowed for hardcopy output.

The Sharp PC 1500 Software Board

The Sharp CE 153 Soft Ware Board was an elaborate user interface addition to the PC 1500 that added programmable buttons to the system in the form of a fairly large board. The CE 153 in the collection appears unused and has only been out of the box for these pictures. (In other words, I don't know how to use it, yet.

The biggest obstacle is the fact that the PC 1500 itself is not currently working. The search is on for a replacement unit since repair attempts have been futile.