The OSI C4P in my collection is the MF model (for Micro-Floppy) that came with 24K or RAM and the floppy drive.

OSI C4P monitor prompt

This system is partially functional and boots to the "monitor" prompt of H/D/M. D should start the disk drive and M should enter the monitor but neither works at the moment. I suspect a RAM error but will have to dig deeper to be sure.

OSI C4P Manuals
OSI C4P Manuals
OSI C4P Manuals
OSI C4P Manuals

This system came with a couple of binders full of documentation and software.

OSI C4P Tutorial Disks

Included was the C4P tutorial. Unfortunately disk 2 is missing.

OSI C4P disks

Along with the boot disks there are a bunch of Aardvark software disks.

OSI C4P Rear View

The rear of the unit shows a bunch of ports and connections.

OSI C4P Drive Interior

The inside of the disk drive shows it to be a fairly straightforward unit.

OSI C4P Internals

The system, on the other hand, is far more involved with several boards stacked into the small space.

The OSI System seen here was, in a moment of weakness, sold.