ICS Trainer

I recently received an Integrated Computer Systems Standard Prototype Microcomputer. The machine consists of three parts: A power supply, a single board computer and an interfacing module. As soon as I figure out any more about it I'll post what I can here. Until then, here are a few pictures.

ICS Single Board Computer

Here is the basic board with the processor in the upper left and the keypad in the lower right.

ICS SBC Interface Card

This is the Interface unit that attaches to the main board via a 50 pin ribbon cable.

ICS Power Supply

The matched power supply is a nice thing to have. With this I won't have to scrape something together with the proper outputs.

ICS SBC with plexiglass cover on

The machine is also dressed with a nice plexiglass cover.

ICS SBC assembled system

When it's all assembled it looks like this.