IBM PC Convertible

Building on the success of their PC, IBM introduced their first "real" Laptop, the IBM PC Convertible, in 1986. The machine is based upon a CMOS version of the 8088 that powered the original PC five years earlier. The machine includes 2 built-in 720K 3.5" floppy drives.

The IBM PC Convertible with the screen closed

The PC Convertible is a heavy machine but it does fold up into a fairly small package complete with a built-in carrying handle.

A closeup of the IBM PC Convertible Screen

The built-in LCD screen was capable of full CGA resolutions.

Manuals for the IBM PC Convertible

The PC Convertible in my collection came with several manuals.

IBM PC Convertible 5140 Guide to Operations

The PC Convertible, like all early IBM PC machines came with a Guide to Operations - a.k.a. an instruction manual.