Exidy Sorcerer

The Exidy Sorcerer was an early "all-in-one" computer manufactured by a company that originally specialized in arcade games.

The Sorcerer was a Z-80 based machine that used ROM cartridges to add functionality. These cartridges were actually 8-track tape cases fitted with circuit boards!

The Sorcerer was more popular in Europe than in the US although plenty of examples were sold in both places.

The Exidy Sorcerer S-100 Expansion Interface

Exidy offered an expansion chassis for the Sorcerer that allowed the user to add standard S-100 cards into the machine.

The interior of the Exidy Sorcerer Expansion Interface

As can be seen here, the expansion chassis added room for six S-100 cards. Memory and disk controllers were typical additions to systems like this.

A photo of the Exidy Sorcerer screen

The Sorcerer in my collection is fully functional and boots right up into the ROM monitor. Eventually I hope to have a few ROM modules to expand on this capability.