DEC Pro 350

The Digital Equipment Corporation envisioned the Professional 350 as a high-end competitor to the IBM PC. The machine was very well engineered with a rugged chassis housing easily swapable components as well as a unique single spindle, dual head assembly floppy system. The Pro 350 sported an J-11 chip set and was basically a micro-PDP 11.

The Pro-350 in my collection is fully functional and has a complete set of manuals and a fair amount of software on diskette. This machine runs P/OS, the Professional Operating System although other Operating systems were available including RT-11 and a UNIX variant. The machine has a 10MB hard drive as well as the dual floppy drives and uses a fairly rare color display.

DEC Pro 350 computer work area

This machine is also unusual in that it comes with the DEC workstation stand. This stand has a rear mounting for the CPU, a keyboard/work surface and a raised monitor platform. The monitor can be raised and lowered using a peddle mounted on the base of the rolling unit.

This computer was donated by Pete Hansen.