Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 is the worlds biggest selling computer model of all times. It was a 64K machine based on the Motorola 6502 processor and the entire unit was basically a fat keyboard with ports for attaching displays, drives and other peripherals.

The Commodore 64 system

The full system (not attached to a monitor) is pictured above. The power supply is a neat aftermarket unit that provides line conditioning and a spot to plug in additional items such as the disk drive (1541 shown) and a display.

Boxed Commodore 64

The system came with it's original boxes.

Commodore 64 manuals

And most of the original manuals as well.

The all-important fast load cartridge

The system also came with an Epyx FastLoad cartridge. Not shown are the many applications and games that came with the system.

This Commodore 64 was generously donated by Steve Gillett.