Coleco Adam

The Coleco Adam was designed and built in the early 80s as a complement to the Colecovision video game system. The Adam computer uses a similar internal architecture but adds four slots (that are reported to be nearly Apple ][ compatible) as well as a peripheral ?network? to which everything in the system is attached. The disk drives, keyboard, controllers and printer all communicate with the CPU via this network. Interestingly, the Adam printer (a slow and noisy daisy wheel) is the power source for the entire system.

The Adam computer has a built-in word processor that is the default program run when the machine is powered on. Other software can be run from either the cartridge slot or the two high-speed tape drives built in to the front of the unit. Being a Z-80 based machine with reasonable memory (64K) the Adam was even capable of running CP/M.

The Adam still has substantial support including a place to buy parts or a full machine! eColeco.

A variety of program tapes for the Coleco Adam

These are some of the many tapes that came with the Adam.

A collection of Coleco Adam software cartridges

Also included were tons of cartridges including several duplicates.

This Coleco Adam was donated by Rick Collette along with several other very nice items!