Aim 65

The Rockwell AIM-65 (Advanced Interactive Microcomputer - 6502) was slightly more advanced then the KIM-1 and SYM-1 systems it competed with in the mid 1970s. It came with a slightly bigger built-in LED screen, a built-in thermal printer and a full keyboard as compared to the KIM/SYM keypads.

The first system in my collection is in pretty good cosmetic shape save for the key absent from the keyboard. It powers up to a "printer down" message when all but the +24v lines are powered. Since the +24 is used to drive the thermal printer this makes sense.

This particular unit appears to have some keyboard problems that may or may not be related to a flaky keyboard cable. Further diagnostics are required.

I've recently added a second AIM-65 system to the collection. This one is a boxed unit in nearly pristine condition with all of the manuals, schematics and more.

The only thing missing from this system was the keyboard interconnect.

Once I've replaced that I'll be able to test the system further.

AIM-65 box

This unit came in the original box in excellent conditon.

AIM-65 Keyboard

The keyboard is in great shape. Note the color difference between these keys and the keys on the other unit.

AIM-65 Main Board in box

The mainboard sits upside-down in the box.

AIM-65 Computer Board

Removed from the box it looks as clean as the keyboard.

AIM-65 documents

The box came crammed full of documents for the system including a test-print from the thermal printer.