My Wishlist

Besides death and taxes, one other immutable fact of life is that a vintage computer collector is never satisfied with his collection.

I am interested in almost anything computer related from the early 1980s and before. I am most interested in older CP/M and S-100 systems and related software as well as computer related literature of all kinds (books, magazines, advertisements, pamphlets, brochures, club newsletters, etc.)

I am specifically looking for the following:

  • Any and all information and documentation I can get about the Kenbak-1
  • An NRI 832, preferably with coursework.
  • Issues of Popular Computing (newsletter) that I don't have
  • A.N.A.L.O.G. Magazine issues 1 and 5, so I can complete my set.
  • Softalk PC Vol 1.1 and 1.2 (June 1982 and July 1982)
  • Any old issues of S-100, 80 micro or any Apple or Commodore magazines
  • S-100 cards, systems, software, manuals, books and catalogs.
  • Any CompuColor equipment, software or documentation
  • Virtually any SWTPC computer stuff
  • MITS products, literature and software.
  • Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 - especially one with the dual 8" drive, software and docs.
  • An APF Imagination Machine.
  • A Mattel Intellivision Computer Console.
  • A Datapoint 2200 (I used to program these way, way back in the day.
  • Cosmac Elf or other 1801/1802 systems.
  • Early Intellec systems.
  • Any MCM (Micro Computer Machines) systems.
  • Poly-88/Micro Altair.
  • IMSAI VDP 80 and 8048.
  • Sinclair ZX-80
  • Grid Compass or other early Grid systems.
  • And since I'm dreaming I'd love an Apple I, a Scelbi and a Micral. . .

If you happen to have any old computer equipment, documentation, software, cards, parts, books, magazines or other related items lying around collecting dust or taking up valuable space, please consider donating said items to a collector who might be able to make use of them and who will be unlikely to ever discard them.