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The Computer History Museum The greatest place on the planet, bar none.
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The DigiBarn Computer Museum
This site used to mirror an actual museum that was open to the public. There is still a large collection of older computers, many of which are left running for visitors to play with, which has been moved to safer spaces at the System Source Computer Museum in Maryland. They even have a Cray 1, although it isn't currently running. Here are some photos from an Open House years prior to the move.
Evan Koblentz' Technology Rewind Blog Evan used to run the Technology Rewind email newsletter. Now he tosses his thoughts up on his BLOG like the rest of the modern world!
Technology Rewind The home of the Technology Rewind (formerly the Computer Collector Newsletter) and Guide to U.S. Computer Museums.
Kenbak-1 Official Site John Blankenbaker, designer of the Kenbak-1, had his own website covering that seminal machine.
The Kenbak-1 Computer A great comprehensive site of lots of Kenbak-1 information including schematics, programming information and a registry of existing machines. This is an awesome site run out of France with a ton of computers listed; sorted by year, manufacturer and model name.
The Trailing Edge A great site for old computer equipment and an excellent source of old CP/M software.
Retro Game and Computer A nice site dedicated to retro gaming and vintage computing.
the First Computermuseum of Nova Scotia The First Computermuseum of Nova Scotia is a real museum in Nova Scotia Canada that has an amazing collection of machines on display both physically and online.
Flight Simulator History
The Old Flight Simulator Vault
If you want to know anything about FlightSim, this is the place!
Virtual Altair Museum As the name implies, this site focuses on the MITS Altair and related machines.
The Machine Room An excellent, well organized site containing a wealth of information about old computers.
Herb's S-100 Stuff This site offers a vast array of (mostly) S-100 manuals (reproductions) for a reasonable fee. There is also the occasional hardware item.
Blinkenlights Archaeological Institute This site has a load of good links (many dead) and some great information online.
Jim's Computer Garage (Museum) Tons of computer information, links and pictures. Most importantly, though, he repairs old gear!
The Obsolete Computer Museum A very nice, current site with tons of computers listed and pictured.
LandSnail An outstanding Apple site with lots of information and links.
The Antique Chip Collectors Page If you collect old computer chips (whether or not they are installed in PCs) then you'll want to visit this site.
The Digital Mona Lisa Back in the day before 1200 DPI color laser printers some ingenious artists and programmers figured out a way to print digital pictures using standard character sets and by overstriking different characters to obtain different darkness levels. The Digital Mona Lisa represented at this site is an excellent original example of that effort.
Classic BASIC Games A great source for all of those old classics. If you programmed in BASIC in the 1970s and early 1980s or ever read Creative Computing, you'll remember a lot of what you find here.
Classic Computer Magazine Archive The full text of many (mostly Atari) magazines.
Atari Archives Tons of Atari information, links and more.
Uncle Roger's Classic Computers A very nice collection site with lots of computer information. Also the source for the Classic Computer Collectors Code of Conduct.
The Home Computer Hall of Fame A very nicely done UK site with a lot of computers listed, described and pictured.
The Obsolete Technology Website A very nicely done collection site with tons of information, pictures and links to other great sites.
Applefritter THE Apple resource on the web.
HCM - The HomeComputer Museum A great home computer museum based in Germany with tons of pictures, descriptions and other useful information about home computers the world over. Check out their trade list as well!
Gaby's Homepage for CP/M and Computer History A great source for CP/M information along with some downloads. There is also a computer collection to peruse. English and German language pages for almost all content!
Apple II History An absolutely outstanding source for Apple Computer history. More information then you could hope to browse in a day.
Dean Graham's website, including his computer collection A very well done personal collection site with lots of machines including a large collection of Amstrad PCs.
John Elliot's Homepage Amstrad info and CP/M info. A nice site for CP/M, especially.
The RetroArchive The Retroarchive software archive for CP/M and more. Tons of CP/M information and software with lots of software for other systems available.
CP/M Source Another great CP/M resource with lots of information and some downloads.
The Software Museum An outstanding software museum that actually has several vintage machines online to telnet into including a CP/M system and an Altair running BASIC!
Comprehensive Computer Catalogue The Comprehensive Computer Catalog lists pretty much every computer ever made by year, etc.
Uncreative Labs A site and message board dedicated to vintage IBM PC hardware and software. 8088 to 80486 only!
The Topeka Computing Museum The Topeka Computing Museum is both a physical and virtual museum with many interesting machines on display.
Port Commodore An exceptional Commodore resource covering almost every 8-bit Commodore product from the Pet to the C-128. There are also file archives and links to other sites of interest.
Binary Dinosaurs An exceptional collectors site with a very nice interface and lots of cool machines, information, pictures and more!
Paul Coad's Vintage Computer Collection Contains a nice set of machines with lots of information and some pictures. Also some notes from early Vintage Computer Festivals and links of other interesting sites.
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection Includes some very nice "big iron" type machines (Mini's and up, really)
"Computer Collection" A nice sized computer collection with a bunch of useful links on the page.
Sothius' Home of Ancient Microcomputers A great site full of information and pictures of old micros as well as other interesting bits!
Rune's PC-Museum A very nicely designed site with a good collection of interesting microcomputers.
Mike's Virtual Computer Museum An excellent site with lots of information and with a strong focus on TRS-80 Microcomputers.
Old Computers A nicely laid out computer museum with pictures, stories and specs of a wide variety of machines.
Allard's Computermuseum Groningen A very nicely laid out museum site with tons of artifacts and pictures.
Pocket Computing An excellent pocket computing museum with pictures, information and other goodies.
The Pocket Computer Museum A great pocket computing site in French and English with lots of resources for the pocket computing fan.
Obsolyte A very nice collection of Obsolete, elite collectible computer.
Reale-Rydell Computer Museum The Reale-Rydell Computer Museum is the online persona of a very nice collection of computers.
Online Vintage Computer Magazine As the name implies, 8Bit Micro is an online magazine devoted to older 8 bit computers.
Aquarius An excellent and nicely detailed site dedicated to the Aquarius home computer system.
Stefan's Old Computer Stuff A nicely done site with some good information, boot screen images and an old computer market. is an awesome site for all things retro. They've got games, computers, software and lots more including forums, markets and links.
ACT Apricot Support Site A nice site devoted to the Apricot line of computers, including the older models.
Aquarius Home Computer System A well done site with history about the Mattel Aquarius computer system.
System.cfg - a home computer site A great French home computer site with lots of information about, expectedly, European home computer systems and consoles from days gone by.
Retrosoftware An excellent source for older software, both new and used. Not all of it is vintage, but there are a lot of gems to be found. (Retro Computer Collecting) A very nice computer collection site based in the Neatherlands
YesterPC "The museum of vintage computing" - A nice collection site with many machines represented.
Stuff Nobody Uses Tons of Apple info and a Powerbook 540C Webserver!
My Totally Awesome Collection - Jordan B. A nice, growing, collection of computers and video games.
Finnish Old Computers Site Old computers and game consoles - Finland
Krishnasoft Special custom cables that allow for interfacing old machines to modern laptops and desktops including four cables which allow for simulating Atari and Amiga peripherals like joysticks, mice, keyboards, and disk drives.
Retro PC and Arcade Gaming Devoted to commemorating classic games in the pc and arcade world.
Mike Loewen Old Technology Collection A great site documenting Mike Loewen's private collection.
Vintage Computer Bits Banner
Vintage Computer Bits
Spare Parts for old and rare computers and more!
Vintage Game Site Vintage Game Site is dedicated to computers, consoles and video games from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s
EDUC-8 Microcomputer An awesome site dedicated to this first-class, first-in-class machine. Includes board scans and artwork!
Vintage IBM Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the IBM 5150 PC.
Old Computer Mags An Italian site dedicated to old computer magazines.
The MCC Workshop Science and Electronics Experimenting. Heavy emphasis on how-to, and older technologies. Reviews and discussions of Vintage electronic and computer equipment, and technology history.
The Jim Austin Computer Collection A very nice collector site with lots of great machines and images.
Collectible Detective The biggest vintage and antique resource directory on the web.
The Personal Computer Museum A physical and online computer museum in Brantford, ON, Canada with a great, huge collection of computers in a real brick-and-mortar museum. Many are set up for interaction.
Home of the Z80 N.E. A site dedicated to the computer published in kit by Nuova Elettronica italian magazine from 1979 to 1985.
A site listing projects and investment opportunities including at least one pertaining to vintage computing technology.
Sinclair ZX81 Collection A collection of original Sinclair branded ZX81 hardware, software titles, books and accessories. Condition, manufacturer and date of release are detailed next to each item. Many items are in unused condition and still factory sealed.