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TRS-80 Pocket Computer 3

Manufacturer Sharp - licensed to Tandy/Radio Shack
Model PC-3
Date Announced 1983
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Tens to hundreds of thousands
Country of Origin Japan
Price $99.95
Current Value $10-$25
Processor SC 61860 (CMOS)
Speed ~.5MHz
Storage Optional micro-cassette tape
Expansion Optional docking station with printer, cassette, IO, etc.
Bus Proprietary
Video 24x1 LCD
I/O Cassette, printer, etc. via expansion
OS Options Built-in BASIC
Notes The TRS-80 Pocket PC line were re-badged Sharp Pocket PCs. The PC-3 was the same as the Sharp PC-1251
Related Items in Collection Other Sharp and TRS-80 machines including a Sharp PC-1251, Sharp PC 1500 and TRS-80 PC-4.
Related Items Wanted Docking station, software on cassette, etc.

The TRS-80 PC-3 was a nice, compact and relatively powerful pocket computer.

TRS-80 Pocket PC 3 System

My TRS-80 PC-3 with its manuals, etc.

The TRS-80 PC-3 in my collection was generously donated by Erik Holloway.

(Submitted February 27, 2014 09:18:32 by Erik Holloway)

Iím the original owner of this PC. I have very fond memories of this little computer and was quite happy to have found the perfect home for it. I was in HSl when I got this PC. I had great fun programming it and just messing around with it in general. On a darker side, I made programs to display and scroll answers to test questions and would keep it on my desk in plan view while taking a test. This was in a time when something like this wasnít even conceived by teachers, they thought it was only a calculator. Later I joined the Navy and was assigned to a cargo aircraft squadron, again in a time when computers were not used at all. I made a program on this computer to compute the weight and balance for our aircraft before each flight. Of course this process was all done with pen and paper and I could only use the program to verify the numbers of the loadmaster as no one really trusted computers over doing the computations the traditional way.

(Submitted February 12, 2014 09:18:18 by stephen pierce)

i need place to buy a trs-80 pocket computer,either model 3 or 4 with manuals,near boston,Massachusetts as I cannot operate a motor vehicle,preferably on the commuter rail system on the north shore of boston,Massachusetts,u.s.a.

(Submitted August 20, 2009 08:22:39 by Alan)

Lovely little product. Did one of my first programming projects on this for Penn State College of Ag - Plant Pathology Dept. My boss was very forward thinking back in the late 70's and we were always writing software for crop and pest management (potato farming). Had a nice display and good battery life. Ran a modified version of TRS BASIC.

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