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Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 June, 1982 *Missing from Collection*
1 2 July, 1982 *Missing from Collection*
1 3 August, 1982 Robot On-Line
1 4 September, 1982 Kenneth Bowles, Standard Bearer
1 5 October, 1982 Computers Alarm Madison
1 6 November, 1982 Las Vegas Private Eye
1 7 December, 1982 Holiday Gift Guide
1 8 January, 1983 Computer Power To Solar Power
1 9 February, 1983 Cupid's Computer
1 10 March, 1983 The Computer Prospector
1 11 April, 1983 The PC At Boeing
1 12 May, 1983 Computer Aided Grapes

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 June, 1983 Alaskan Defense Network
2 2 July, 1983 Micros in Medicine
2 3 August, 1983 A PC-Powered Space Shuttle
2 4 September, 1983 The PC in the U.K.
2 5 October, 1983 Business Graphics and Plotters
2 6 November, 1983 Computing the Light Fantastic
2 7 December, 1983 Holiday Gift Guide
2 8 January, 1984 PCs In The Classroom
2 9 February, 1984 Tale Of The Ports
2 10 March, 1984 Telegaming
2 11 April, 1984 Much Mice
2 12 May, 1984 User Group Update

Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 June, 1984 IBM's Writing To Read Program
3 2 July, 1984 PCs Score at the Olympics
3 3 August, 1984 The PC Goes to Hollywood

Softalk for the IBM PC was an offshoot of the Apple publication of the same name. It had the same basic look and feel of the Apple magazine and seemed to be a little less formal in its approach.

Aside from the first two issues I'm pretty sure I have a full set. If you know of issues I don't have listed please contact me. If you have copies of either of the first two issues available please contact me!

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