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The Premier Issue of PC World

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 April, 1983 PC Compatibility
1 2 May, 1983 PC Portability
1 3 June, 1983 MS DOS 2.0, XT
1 4 July, 1983 Disk Emulation
1 5 August, 1983 Communications Programs
1 6 September, 1983 Hard Disks
1 7 October, 1983 Computer-Aided Design
1 8 November, 1983 Modems

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 January, 1984 Artificial Intelligence
2 2 February, 1984 PCjr Home Computing
2 3 March, 1984 Customizing Spreadsheets
2 4 April, 1984 PC Compatibles
2 5 May, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
2 6 June, 1984 Electronic Mail
2 7 July, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
2 8 August, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
2 9 September, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
2 10 October, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
2 11 November, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
2 12 December, 1984 *Missing from Collection*

PC World was a late entrant into the IBM PC magazine space. They offered much of what PC Magazine did with fewer ads and, therefore, less girth.

(Submitted June 4, 2011 21:57:27 by B Vanboom)

PC World magazine Vol 1 Issue 2

I have a copy of this magazine available, in used, but good condition. Interested parties feel free to email me.

thank you

(Submitted December 26, 2010 13:51:00 by George Sakellaris)

I have a printing of PC World Special Edition dated 1983/1984 Inside is a sealed demonstration version of Microsoft Word on a 5-1/4 floppy. The magazine is in Good condition with no tears or markings. Would you happen to know the value of this edition? Thank you

(Submitted April 10, 2010 07:10:00 by gary lucchese)

PC World magazine Vol.1 Issue 1

Dear Sir, could you please give me an idea of the value of the magazine listed above ?

thank you, Gary

(Submitted December 30, 2005 19:49:14 by Theodore Weicker)

I have PC World Vol 2 # 4 - April 1984 - available for shipping cost + $2 per shipment (see other magazines under BYTE,PC Magazine, PCJr)

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