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First Issue of PCjr Magazine

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 February, 1984 Hands On IBM's Junior
1 2 March, 1984 Birth of the PCjr: The Inside Story
1 3 April, 1984 LOGO: A Language for Everyone
1 4 May, 1984 New Keyboards for the IBM PCjr
1 5 June, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
1 6 July, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
1 7 August, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
1 8 September, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
1 9 October, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
1 10 November, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
1 11 December, 1984 *Missing from Collection*

PC Magazine realized that there would likely be a market for the PCjr and decided to offer a magazine to inform and educate that market. PCjr was that magazine and it was printed before the Jr. ever hit store shelves. With the less than rousing success of the PCjr itself, it was a short-lived publication.

(Submitted September 11, 2007 14:28:42 by Ray Kodiak)

I used to have this computer when I was a kid in Philedalphia 1988, it cost me about $500, I got it used from some other guy who didn't want it. I remember the wirelesss keyboard, and the big memory blocks that you had to screw to the size of the computer to add more RAM and the big floppy, no hard-drive. These days a computer like that is just a paper weight or a collectors item, but back then it was kida fun.

(Submitted December 27, 2005 17:45:41 by Theodore Weicker)

I have PCJr Vol 1 # 3 available for shipping cost + $2 per shipment (see other magazines under BYTE,PC Magazine, PC World)

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