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Personal Computer Age Premier Issue

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 January, 1982 Getting A Discount On Your IBM Personal Computer
1 2 February, 1982 Text Creation Continued
1 3 March, 1982 Project Management: Big Job for Small Computers
1 4 April, 1982 Text Creation Conclusion
1 5 August, 1982 National PC Users Groups
1 6 September, 1982 BASIC Vs. Pascal
1 7 October Word Processing: First Of Two Focus Issues
1 8 November, 1982 Word Processing: First Of Two Focus Issues
1 9 December, 1982 Unleashing Your Printer

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 January, 1983 Disk Drives
2 2 February, 1983 Computer Graphics
2 3 March, 1983 Number Crunching with the 8087
2 4 April, 1983 Managing Data
2 5 May, 1983 Exploring the XT, DOS and BASIC 2.0
2 6 June, 1983 Maintenance
2 7 July, 1983 Voice Synthesis and Recognition
2 8 August, 1983 Compatibility
2 9 September, 1983 PC Networks Come of Age
2 10 October, 1983 APL: A Powerful Language, Now for the PC
2 11 November, 1983 IEEE-488: Instrumentation Interface
2 12 December, 1983 LISP: The Language of Artificial Intelligence

Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 January, 1984 Working with Words
3 2 February, 1984 Professional BASIC
3 3 March, 1984 Bulletin Boards
3 4 April, 1984 Turtle Hunting on the PC
3 5 May, 1984 Microsoft's Word
3 6 June, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
3 7 July, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
3 8 August, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
3 9 September, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
3 10 October, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
3 11 November, 1984 *Missing from Collection*
3 12 December, 1984 *Missing from Collection*

Personal Computer Age was another publication dedicated to the IBM Personal Computer. It was a smaller and lesser known publication then it's main competition (mainly PC and PC World) although it did offer more technical content. In the end, however, that was not enough to save it.

I'm pretty sure I have the complete run but if you are aware of any issues after volume 3, number 5 please let me know.

(Submitted October 14, 2006 10:37:17 by Erik Klein)

Hello Leigh,

I still have all of the issues listed above. I'm not sure when the magazine stopped publication, but I haven't seen any issues after the May 1984 one.

(Submitted October 14, 2006 09:56:54 by Leigh Zeitz)

Just wanted to thank you for remembering PC Age. I was the education editor. Do you still have the actual copies of PC Age?

Leigh Zeitz

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