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Osborne Computer Corporation Osborne Executive Computer

Manufacturer Osborne Computer Corporation
Model Executive
Date Announced 1982
Date Canceled Unknown
Number Produced Tens of thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price $2,495
Current Value $50-$200
Processor Z80A
Speed 4 MHz
RAM 128K bank-switched
Storage Two built-in 5.25" floppy disks
Expansion Expandable RAM
Bus N/A
Video 80x25 text
I/O Serial, Parallel
OS Options CP/M, UCSD-P
Notes The Osborne Executive was the successor to the Osborne 1 that almost never was. Osborne Computer Corporation introduced the pending machine well before it was available and dried up demand for their existing machine. Osborne Computer Corporation wasn't able to recover from this blunder and sold few Executives and even fewer of the later Vixens before folding.
Related Items in Collection Full set of original documentation and disks including original owners packet with warrantee forms. Substantial quantities of additional software.
Related Items Wanted Osborne Vixen to round out the collection.
Osborne Executive Limited Osborne Employee Edition

The Osborne Executive in my collection is one of a limited number of personalized systems sold to Osborne Computer Corporation employees. The system sports a custom Executive nameplate etched with the owners name and the Osborne boot screen displays and scrolls that name when the system starts.

Osborne Executive Computer custom software

There was even some custom software that detected the custom ROMs.

Aside from that the computer is pretty much as it left the factory with all of the original documentation and more.

Even the original owners package with warrantee information was included.

The Osborne Executive closed up and ready to relocate.

The case for the Executive was very similar to the second generation Osborne 1a with a fan added on.

The biggest differences were internal where the monitor grew from 5 to 7 inches while the keyboard and the rest of the front panel were improved significantly.

Like the Osborne 1 the Executive shipped with a full suite of business software including Wordstar and SuperCalc.

(Submitted November 20, 2016 19:06:56 by

I just picked one of these up at an action for a really good price. As I don't know much or anything on these I would like to pass it on to someone who would appreciate it and maybe use it. If anyone interested, send me an offer and I 'll get back to you ASAP. Serious collectors only please!

(Submitted June 8, 2015 12:55:09 by tony)

part 3: This computer was the only one that could do what I wanted at the time and I loved it. I was the first person who ever took a portable computer into the Mormon Temple Library in Ottawa to input genealogical data right off the microfilm. I'd written a program to do it. The staff fell over themselves to find an extension cord so I could use it, and make a space among the microfilm readers. Good for them - they instantly recognized the future when they saw it.

I loved this computer until later developments soon swept it away. I'd like to see it go to a good home.

But good luck trying to find any 180K single sided single density 5¼ floppy discs to go with it. In those days we quickly learned to cut a notch in the casing and use the other side too! Not endorsed by the manufacturer but I never had a failure! I don't think I kept any once I transferred my data elsewhere.

(Submitted June 8, 2015 12:54:32 by tony)

part 2: This computer has provenance. It was my very first PC and I picked it up from the store on 24 June 1982. How could I forget? I put it in the back seat of my Toyota Celica, slammed the door and chopped the end off my pinky finger. I ran back into the store and the staff immediately had conniptions. Nah the nurse has gone to lunch. Yeah thanks, then if it's inconvenient right now I'll come back in an hour shall I? Meanwhile in case you hadn't noticed I am bleeding all over your floor. Duh! I had to take charge (adrenaline talking) and tell them to get me paper towels and call the ambulance. In the end everything was fine and my little finger is now 1/4 inch shorter. How could I forget that introduction to personal computers.

(Submitted June 8, 2015 12:53:29 by Tony Woodward)

Twitter lengths rule - I'll have to send several posts

I have an Osborne Executive to dispose of. It was working last time I tried it, but that was 20 years ago. It still has the floppies it came with and the manuals. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I tried to unload it on my local Science and Technology Museum but they said sorry they already have one. But it must be worth something to someone - heck it is now 33 years old which ought to rate it as vintage. I threw away all my later computers, XT clone, 386, 486 etc. But I kept the Osborne because it's a classic.

(Submitted May 3, 2015 18:38:26 by Barry Marshall)

I heard a crackling sound and had a smoke-filled room after starting an old Osb.Exec last week. From the manuals I found via this site and inspection, I identified the blown mylar capacitor C2 0.1uF. All I could find was a 0.2 uF from an old pc power supply. That seemed near enough. I replaced it and everything was fixed. So thanks for the information on this site.

(Submitted March 16, 2015 13:21:40 by (a href=mailto:)Tom Hayes(/a))

The specifications for the Osborne Executive are incorrect. This system ran with the 6MHz Z80B CPU not the 4MHz Z80A as stated.

Tom Hayes Osborne Executive Product Manager

(Submitted November 3, 2014 21:28:34 by Douglas J Mortellaro)

I have an Osborne executive that turns on, but I do not have the system disks. Does anyone know if system disks for Osborne 1a should work in the executive. If the 1a disks and they are not working. However, I am not sure if they should or if the floppy drive is the problem. Would could be done about the drive if it were the problem?

(Submitted July 15, 2014 21:22:04 by Dave Smith)

Update: The computer has been sold. The magazines, newsletters are still available.

old msg: I have an Osborne Executive with all origianl software and even the original cardboard box it came in. Also available is an almost complete copy of the FOG library, all of the Portable companion magazines, most of the FOG light mailers and lots of other bonus stuff.

(Submitted April 13, 2014 02:03:48 by Alfredo)

I have an Osborne Executive that I would like to add a Hard Drive to it, is it possible??? Does CP/M Plus support hard drives, what kind of hardware do I need for this????

(Submitted August 17, 2013 08:54:20 by Gerry Sherman)

I had an Exec in the mid 1980's. I used it for CNC programming. The programs were written using WordStar in text mode, the special header block was added, the program file was then transferred to a PC-format disk with a special cross-platform format program (I think it was called Uniform), and verified with the CNC emulator in the PC.

(Submitted May 29, 2013 09:18:47 by Dr. Fred Fidura)

I have just won an Osborne Executive at auction. It came without software or manuals. If anyone out there has same, I'm very interested. Also, even though I have a working model, I'm interested in a pristine model complete with all software and manuals if the price was right.

(Submitted March 4, 2012 22:17:30 by Dave Smith)

I have an Osborne Executive with all origianl software and even the original cardboard box it came in. Also available is an almost complete copy of the FOG library, all of the Portable companion magazines, most of the FOG light mailers and lots of other bonus stuff.

Please contact me if interested.

(Submitted November 27, 2011 23:31:29 by christina)

i'm looking to buy an osborne executive as a gift for my husband. this was made the year he was born and the spelling of obsborne is the same as our name. i'd love to get him one as a surprise for his 30th birthday but am having a hard time finding one. does anyone have any suggestions? please email me at thank you so much!

(Submitted January 12, 2011 13:01:45 by dennydaniel)

I got an osborne 1 and need the boot disks. can anyone help me. I want to show it to kids for education.

if anyone has the manual or other stuff I will buy that too.

It says 1.44 1983 occ tan case screen says boot error in white letters when I hit enter

model occ1 serial HA300410 the front has do not remove while power is on thing

thanks! Denny

(Submitted January 3, 2011 17:31:08 by harrison)

i have one of those and would like to sell it i am me its in good shape and it works

(Submitted February 13, 2010 08:37:52 by (a

can you make me a copy of the system boot disk for my Osborne executive, would be good to get it working past the insert disk page! thanks Paul

(Submitted October 14, 2009 10:07:56 by Lawrence)

FOR SALE: I have two Osborne's for sale, one tan case, one blue case, in good, working condition, software, op system, Owner's manual, 12 monochrome monitors (one green, one yellow) and the small printer with cables; and some issues of Portable Companion magazine 1983. Can anyone give me some suggestions re: pricing? I'm in Central New Jersey.

(Submitted September 26, 2009 19:49:17 by Michael Kelly)

I bought one in 1982 for about $3,000 Cdn., along with an Epson daisy wheel printer. I wrote my master's thesis on it using the Wordstar word processor. In 1982 computers were so new I was able to fool my grad school prof. I remember getting my thesis back from my prof along with some recommended changes. The changes weren't drastic but would have required me retyping the entire thesis - a job that would take a few days to complete. Of course, with a new-fangled computer, I was able to make the changes and resubmit the next day. He couldn't believe I revised, retyped and submitted my entire essay in one day. I eventually told him and he was impressed...

(Submitted May 5, 2009 23:29:16 by Mike Howell)

I have an osbourne executive with all manuals etc including some wild letters my parents wrote concerning failed modem delivery and ibm compatibility. even have the box. any interest?

(Submitted January 21, 2008 00:28:33 by Jedite Wright)

The osborne executive looks cool, but i'm too early in my computer collecting to have one

(Submitted January 1, 2008 19:06:29 by Rob Bowkett)

I have a working Osborne Executive complete with manuals and operating system, plus lots of software. Is anyone interested?

(Submitted October 13, 2007 11:38:35 by Larry Rudwick)

I have 3 Osborne Executives that I purchased new. I am considering selling them. Email me with questions.

(Submitted September 3, 2007 16:08:17 by Mike Bowshier)

I’m getting ready to post two Osborne computers on eBay. One is the Executive and the other is Osborne 1 the second release. I was researching these computers and came across this page. They both are in very good shape and show just a little yellowing on the plastic. Both turn on but due to not having any software for these, I don’t know if they will get past the “insert disk in and press return page”. I can take a few pictures and post them if interested. Thank You.

Mike Bowshier

(Submitted August 29, 2007 13:18:06 by Bruce Gebbeken)

I was involved for Osborne Computer with Test Development of Carson City, NV. We designed and incorporated a hard drive into these units and it WAS an option before production ceased. I did the interface ROM for the units. The Vixen was code named Shelley before it got its name.

(Submitted June 1, 2007 15:54:04 by john cronin)

wanted osborn executive must be complete price expected and shipping to ireland also wanted c drive and portable power supply for osborn 1 wanted hard disk drive and any service info for the drives used ii the osborn 1 drives thank you john cronin

(Submitted June 1, 2007 15:27:06 by john cronin)

wanted osborn executive must be complete price expected and shipping to ireland also wanted c drive and portable power supply for osborn 1

(Submitted June 1, 2007 15:06:47 by john cronin)

wanted for osborne 1 48 tpi soft sectored blank floppy disks portable companion magazines or any other items for osborne 1 thank you j cronin

(Submitted April 7, 2007 21:10:52 by Jim)

Want to purchase Osborne Executive in Mint condition with all software in mint condition for educational mueseum exhibit....Please advise all particulars. Thanks Jim

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