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Premier Issue of On Three Magazine

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 January, 1983 Premier Issue
1 2 February/March, 1983 Pascal Tutorial Begins
1 3 April/May, 1983 SpeedBoot (Un) Lock
1 4 June/July, 1983 Changing Your Keyboard

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 Undated, 1984 Why Is Everyone So Excited About Lazarus?
2 2 Undated, 1984 512K Memory Upgrade Information

Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 January, 1986 Review: Word Juggler
3 2 February, 1986 Graphically Speaking
3 3 March, 1986 Directories ///
3 4 April, 1986 BASIC Internals: A Look Inside
3 5 May, 1986 Desktop Supremacy
3 6 June, 1986 Music, Maestro, Please
3 7 July, 1986 Data Plotting with Pkaso

On Three was a magazine written for users of the Apple /// Computer.

The above inventory represents all of the issues I am aware of. It's easy to believe that there was a large gap around the time that Apple cancelled the Apple ///, but the two issues in two years seems like a bit more of a gap than I'd expect.

Anyone with additional information about this publication is encouraged to share it!

(Submitted November 5, 2010 13:16:06 by Sterry Shaffer)

I have several of the On Three magazines and would mention that there was a Vol3-Number 8 A Character Editor (August 1986) and Vol3-Number 9 Review ON: Desktop Manager and the complete set of Open Apple Gazette (September 1986)

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