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The Northstar Advantage Computer

Manufacturer NorthStar
Model Advantage
Date Announced 1982
Date Canceled Mid 1980s
Number Produced Tens of thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price $4,000
Current Value $50-$250
Processor Zilog Z-80 and/or Intel 8088
Speed 3.5 MHz
RAM 16-256K
Storage One or two built-in 5.25 floppy drives (90k to 360k), optional hard drive.
Expansion Proprietary memory and expansion slots.
Bus Proprietary
Video 640x240 monochrome graphics, 80 column text on integrated monitor
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options CP/M, NorthStar DOS
Notes Northstar started out (as Kentucky Fried Computers) by selling very popular 5.25" disk subsystems for a variety of S-100 machines. They eventually put together a box of their own and, around the time of the IBM PC they introduced the Advantage to compete. In spite of some advanced features it never did well.
Related Items in Collection Original manuals, software including WordStar, CP/M, NorthStar DOS and more.
Related Items Wanted Additional software.

The Advantage in my collection works and boots CP/M from the hard drive. I have a large number of disks with lots of software as well as a full set of manuals including docs for much of the software.

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