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Micro/Systems Journal v1 n1


Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 March/April 1985 Bringing Up CP/M Plus
1 2 May/June 1985 Build an S-100 to PC-Bus Converter
1 3 July/August 1985 Structured Programming with the Microsoft M80 Assembler
1 4 September/October 1985 Interrupt Borrowing with Turbo Pascal
1 5 November/December 1985 TurboCharge your 8086/8088 Computer


Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 January/February 1986 Implementing PC-DOS on Non-IBM Compatible Computers
2 2 March/April 1986 C Interpreters and Debuggers
2 3 May/June 1986 Build an S-100 HD64180 CPU Card
2 4 July/August 1986 Improving the PCs Performance
2 5 September/October 1986 Control Systems Made Simple
2 6 November/December 1986 Assembling PC/XT Clones


Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 January/February 1987 Communicating at 9600 Baud
3 2 March/April 1987 Multitasking Between Programs
3 3 May/June 1987 Multitasking/Multi User Operating Systems
3 4 July/August 1987 Program Interfacing to Microsoft Windows
3 5 September/October 1987 Multi-User Bulletin Board Systems
3 6 November/December 1987 Memory Addressing on the 386


Volume 4

Volume Issue Date Title
4 1 January 1988 Network Programming and Design
4 2 February 1988 George Morrow Looks Inside IBM's PS/2
4 3 March 1988 Porting Programs to OS/2
4 4 April 1988 Hands-on C Programming Tips
4 5 May 1988 *Missing from Collection*
4 6 June 1988 Piloting Your DOS Application to the 386 Platform
4 7 July 1988 Special Graphics Issue
4 8 August 1988 Unix on the PC: All Systems Go!
4 9 September 1988 Picking a Network Database
4 10 October 1988 Examining LAN Performance
4 11 November 1988 LAN Communications
4 12 December 1988 Safeguarding Network Data

Micro/Systems Journal was a well written highly technical publication catering to system builders, programmers, network designers and more. It replaced Microsystems in 1984 and was itself replaced by LAN Technology.

Sol Libes was the editor and a contributor for the entire run.

I'd be very interested in obtaining my one missing issue from Volume 4 - May 1988.

(Submitted April 26, 2011 12:48:56 by Sol Libes)

For information about all the issues of MicroSystems and Micro/System Journal magazines go to

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