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A bookshelf full of old computer magazines More old computer magazines

One of my major "sub-collections" is magazines and other publications. I have limited myself mostly to issues printed prior to 1985 and still my (limited) space is overflowing with these. Included in this collection are some very common and some very obscure examples. A partial list is below:

  • Byte magazine - almost complete from Volume 1 Number 1 (1975) to nearly the end of the print run in the late 1990s.
  • Creative Computing Magazine - nearly complete from Volume 1 (1975) to Volume 9 (1983) with some of volume 10.
  • Kilobaud Microcomputing - I have every issue through 1982 (#1 through #72) except issue #48. I don't believe there was an issue #48 since it would have fallen between December and January so this is probably a publishing error.
  • Dr. Dobb's journal of Computer Calisthenics and Orthodontia - I have bound sets of each of the first seven volumes (complete issues contained therein) as well as the entire first year (Vol 1, Number 1 through Vol 1 Number 10) and the following additional issues: Vol 2 Nos 1 and 5; Vol 3 No 2; Vol 3 Nos 4-10; Vol 4 Nos 1-5, 7-10; Vol 5 Nos 1-6, 8-10; Vol 6 Nos 1-3
  • SCCS Interface/Interface Age - I have all of Vol 1 of SCCS Interface plus two issues of the newsletter that pre-dated the magazine - what should be a complete run. I also have most or all of Interface Age with the exception of 1979 which I am missing completely.
  • Computer Notes - I have a rare complete set of this publication.
  • Popular Computing - numbers 37 (vol 4, number 4 - April 1976) through 48 (Vol 5, number 3 - March 1977). I'd be very interested in getting any more issues I can of this publication.
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers - I have the December issues from 1969, 1970 and 1972.
  • Computer Magazine - IEEE Computer Society - I have Jan/Feb 1971 and March of 1977. I'd love to get any other issues of this publication.
  • PC Magazine - I have every issue from Volume 1 through Volume 3 number 12 (June 1984) - I am still looking for the rest of 1984, at least.
  • PC World Magazine - I have the first year and a half of this magazine complete from Volume 1, number 1 to Volume 2 number 6 (again, June 1984)
  • Personal Computer Age - I have every issue of this magazine from Volume 1, number 1 to Volume 3, number 5 (which may have been the final issue)
  • PC Tech Journal - I have about half of the first three years of this magazine including two copies of Volume 1, number 1. I am looking to complete Volumes 1 to 3, at least.
  • Softalk for the IBM Personal Computer - I have about 10 issues from Volume 1. and most of volume 2. I'd like any that I don't have, and many that I do (the soft covers seemed to upset my postman.)
  • Reference Magazine - "The business journal for IBM Personal Computing" - I have the premier issue, and no more.
  • Jr. Magazine - I have the premier issue, and no more.
  • PC Junior Magazine - I have the first four issues of this magazine
  • Antic Magazine (The Atari Resource) - I have a complete set of this.
  • A.N.A.L.O.G. - I have a complete set save issues 1 and 5.

A more complete, but still not totally complete, list of publications I own is down the side of this page as a menu linking to detail pages for each magazine. Many of these have detailed inventories of issues owned. The rest will eventually. Missing are a few publications that managed to get stored too deep in the pile to pull. . . for now.

If you have magazines you wish to sell or donate please don't hesitate to contact me. If I don't need them myself I'll do my best to help you find them homes.

Because they are especially interesting the following are all "premier" issues of magazines I have in my collection. For most of these issues I have many of the subsequent issues as well although a few are alone in the collection. I also have many journals for which I don't have the first issue. . . yet.

This is not necessarily a comprehensive list, but I'm trying!

Byte Magazine is another grand daddy of the genre and is probably the most recognized of the general small computer magazines. They started publication in 1975, shortly after Creative Computing Magazine, and became one of the most popular computer magazines in the world.

Creative Computing Magazine was one of the first, if not the first, general purpose computing magazine on the market. They published somewhat intermittently at first but settled into a bi-monthly cycle after the first year. Eventually they became a monthly magazine until their demise.

ROM Magazine was a short-lived publication that covered much of the same ground as Byte Magazine and Creative Computing Magazine. After a handful of issues it was absorbed into Creative Computing.

Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine was introduced as direct competition for Byte Magazine. In fact, it was originally supposed to be called KiloByte magazine, but the name wasn't quite subtle enough.

SCCS Interface Magazine was the club journal for the Southern California Computer Society. This is one of two issues of the newsletter format journal they published before starting their slick magazine.

After the first two newsletters SCCS Interface Magazine became a slick, professional publication.

When SCCS Interface Magazine became popular enough that ad revenue exceeded the cost to print (i.e. the magazine became profitable) the publishing house decided to take over the magazine, producing Interface Age Magazine as a clear knock off of the club newsletter. In fact, they even started their numbering where SCCS Interface would have been.

Computer Notes Magazine was the official MITS Publication for the MITS Altair 8800 computer. I've managed to collect every issue published. Of note is the fact that Bill Gates was a regular contributor.

MicroTrek was a short lived general purpose computer magazine from the early days of microcomputing.

Dr. Dobb's Magazine was another early entrant into the general purpose magazine space. They did focus more on programming than most of the other journals which helped them evolve into the programming journal they are today. They are, in fact, one of the few remaining magazines from the 1970s.

Family Computing Magazine was published as an educational/home computer supplement.

On Computing was another early general purpose personal computing publication.

Calculators Computers Magazine was an early effort to split the difference between computers and calculators. In the end the difference was too much for the publication.

ES Magazine was directed squarely at the electronic spreadsheet market.

Compute Magazine was the renamed and re-targeted Pet Gazette. After focussing on the Commodore Pet for some time, the publisher branched out to the whole family of 6502 based machines.

Amiga World was dedicated to the Commodore Amiga line of computers.

PC Magazine was the first journal published for the IBM Personal Computer user community.

PC World Magazine was sort of a break-away publication from PC Magazine. They expanded the stated scope of the publication to include PC clones.

PC Age Magazine Personal Computer Age was a more technical publication than most of the rest of the PC dedicated journals. It was lesser known, but it did have a following.

PC Tech Journal was PC Magazine's answer to the PC Age focus. It was a more technical, less review and ad oriented publication than its sister magazine.

Reference was a business oriented magazine for the users of the IBM PC.

PCjr Magazine was the PC Magazine sister publication for the IBM PC jr.

Jr. Magazine was the Wayne Green publication dedicated to the IBM PCjr.

Computer User Magazine was published for the users of Tandy/Radio Shack systems.

The Eighty was another TRS-80 based publication.

The North Star Newsletter was the official publication of the North Star Computer Corporation for their machines such as the NorthStar Horizon

The Portable Companion was published for the community of portable computer users working on systems such as the Osborne 1 and the Kaypro 2x.

Sextant was a publication dedicated to the community of Heathkit/Zenith computer users.

Micropendium Magazine, a TI 99/4A Computer journal, started out as the Home Computer Compendium.

Atari Age was the Atari catalog as well as a general purpose magazine tailored to their home computer and gaming products.

Apple was a publication of Apple Computer and was a combination of magazine and catalog for their products.

A+ was published as a general purpose magazine for the community of Apple Computer users.

Apple Orchard was published to provide information to fans of the Apple Computer at the Fifth Annual West Coast Computer Faire.

Open Apple Gazette was the newsletter for the Apple /// SIG of the San Francisco Apple Core users group.

On Three was a magazine written for users of the Apple /// computer.

Atari Connection was the official Atari publication for their computer systems.

R.O.M. was a short-lived magazine for Atari computers.

ANTIC was one of the most popular Atari magazines.

Hi Res was a rather obscure Atari journal.

Computer Readout was a half catalog, half magazine publication.

ComputerSmyth was a highly technical hardware journal.

S-100 Microsystems was a premier journal dedicated to the S-100 Bus.

APDAlog was an Apple Developers catalog and magazine.

Aardvark Journal was an OSI centric newsletter.

Issue 1 of Z-100 Lifeline

Z-100 Lifeline was a newsletter devoted to the Z-100 computer system.

On (The Osborne Newsletter) Magazine Premier Issue - Volume 1, Number 1

ON The Osborne Newsletter. As its name implies, it was a newsletter for Osborne computer users.

Profiles Magazine Premier Issue - For Kaypro computer users.


, a magazine dedicated to Kaypro users.
Micro/Systems Journal Premier Issue

Micro/Systems Journal was billed as being for the "Advanced Computer User" which, to them, meant primarily CP/M and S-100 systems in the mid 1980s.

The Jeffries Report Premier Issue

The Jeffries Report was a one-man newsletter covering early computer information.

Timex/Sinclair User Magazine Premier Issue

Timex Sinclair User devoted itself to the Timex/Sinclair 1000 and subsequent machines.

Interactive Magazine for AIM-65 users - Premier Issue

Interactive was the Rockwell International (AIM-65) company newsletter.

Enthusiast 99 Magazine (for TI/99 Computers) Premier Issue

Enthusiast 99 was published for users of the TI/99 family of early microcomputers.

The Volume 1 books containing the first 16 issues of Byte

These two books contain bound issues of Byte Magazine Vol. 1 number 1 (September 1975) through Vol. 1 number 16 (December 1976)

One of the first Tinney Byte covers

This November 1975 issue is significant because it is the first issue for which Robert Tinney created the cover art. Over the course of Byte's history, he would produce the covers to most of the issues. December 1975 is pictured above.

The Dr. Dobbs compilation

This is my "best of" Dr. Dobbs collection. Each of these seven volumes contains the full text of each issue from that year. Thanks to Philip Freidin for these!

Dr. Dobbs issues

In addition to the compilations, I have many "loose" issues.

Computer Notes

Computer Notes was the official MITS publication for the Altair computers. Altair buyers got 1 years free subscription when they registered their machines. The magazine was an excellent source of Altair tricks and fixes and software. I have one of the few complete sets in existence.

Best of Creative Computing

The Best of Creative Computing has the bulk of the first years of that magazines articles, etc. These are volumes 1 and 2 although I have 1, 2 and 3 as well as a nearly complete set of Creative Computing.

Popular Computing

Popular computing was a newsletter that pre-dated even Byte. The issues I have are from 1976 and 1977, but represent the 4th volume forward. They were distributed as stapled photocopies.

(Submitted September 8, 2012 12:01:36 by Alex)

hola tengo una tosibha T1200 portatil del año 1987 funcionando mi coreo es

(Submitted August 8, 2012 11:14:10 by Randy Simmons)

Looking for vintage (Apple) Softalk magazines. Anyone intersted in selling?

(Submitted April 11, 2012 14:09:22 by (a href=mailto:JeffyDocsprogramingI)

I am trying to information on jeffy-docs programing and getting set up two meter packet radio for a commundore 64/128 system.

(Submitted March 29, 2012 07:51:23 by Bob)

Hello I am looking for a scan of the front cover of ROM December 1977. Thank you for your help Best regards

(Submitted February 27, 2012 07:26:28 by Mike Edwards)

I have what I believe to be the complete Home Computer Course by Osborne in two presentation binders. It might even be the advanced included as it seems bigger than this:

anyone interested?

(Submitted November 2, 2011 15:13:54 by Lea)

Hi all,

I have some old Atari magazines from the 1980's, does anyone know if they are worth anything?


Lea x

(Submitted October 21, 2011 07:44:49 by David Hall)

Full set of The Home Computer Course and full set of The Home Computer Advanced Course

(Submitted October 14, 2011 01:15:49 by Keith Hively)

FOR SALE: 1st two years of MacWorld Magazine (1984 & 1985), including the premiere issue with Steve Jobs on the cover. Check the completed listings on eBay, then please send me an offer.

(Submitted October 12, 2011 17:09:32 by Dave Nichols)

I have nearly every issue of BYTE from January 1978 to November 1996, including the various special editions. Anybody interested in any or all of these please contact me (UK based).

(Submitted September 28, 2011 15:31:10 by David Golibersuch)

Downsizing. I have the complete collection of (Apple) Softalk magazine from 1st issue, Sept. 1980 to the last, August 1984 plus the letter announcing the demise of the publication. All in excellent condition. Anyone want?

(Submitted September 23, 2011 12:18:11 by Sheldon Howard)

I have the following magazines for sale, all are Volume one, Number one and all in fine condition. One each of: onComputing, ROM, 80 microcomputing. Five copies of Kilobaud, Six copies of BYTE, and 10 copies of Personal Computing.

No reasonable offer refused,

(Submitted September 17, 2011 04:04:12 by Rosette Lopez)

i was wondering if you wanna buy my collection of International Design magazine i have about 20 to 30 PCS 2000 and up issues email me or give me a call at 510-200-3416 thank you .. plus i also have popular science and special issues of time magazine

(Submitted August 30, 2011 11:56:58 by (a href=mailto:)Derek(/a))

That is a great collection and this is a great website. Never knew there was so many different magazines on the go back then. Thanks for putting this on the internet.

(Submitted August 25, 2011 10:57:38 by Ken Lindley)

I have bound copies of all 24 issues of 'The Home Computer ADVANCED COURSE' (Orbis Publication), and bound copies of all 24 issues of 'The Home Computer Course' (Orbis) Is anyone interested? I also have bound copies of all issues of 'Computer Success (step by step)'(Orbis)

(Submitted August 25, 2011 10:55:21 by Ken Lindley)

I have bound copies of all 24 issues of 'The Home Computer ADVANCED COURSE' (Orbis Publication), and bound copies of all 24 issues of 'The Home Computer Course' (Orbis) Is anyone interested?

(Submitted June 28, 2011 11:08:57 by Jerry)

Found several boxes in my storage room...complete collection of 80Micro (vol 1 through 100). In pretty good shape. Any interest?

(Submitted June 6, 2011 03:54:43 by Patrick.)

Hello! I am looking for any and all copies of The Bootlegger Magazine on 5 1/4 diskette. This disk was for the elite hacker/crackers back in the 80's. I am note sure exactly of the # of issues bootlegger put out but I am trying to get them to preserve them before these diskettes turn to dust :O( If you know of a site that contains the complete set issues of The Bootlegger Magazine can you please let me know :O) This was created in the early 80's for the Apple II+ and //e computers...



(Submitted March 23, 2011 15:21:56 by Marcel Verdaasdonk)

You have quite the collection, ever thought about digitizing it?

(Submitted March 20, 2011 03:50:39 by Frank Hobbs)

I would like to have a copy of the VK Powermate power supply circuit diagram in the edition of February 1990 Thanking you in anticipation Frank

(Submitted February 18, 2011 11:29:24 by (a F. Gillette(/a))

Some tine around 1980 I had a cover article in Microcomputing Make a Real investment With Your Micro. Can you give me the date and issue? Byte, Microcomputing, Ham Radio and Wireless World were my favorites. Gives me pause every time i go to buy a magazine, If I buy it will that put it out of business, or cause it to change its name and focus!

(Submitted February 2, 2011 23:25:04 by (a Rubel(/a))

You mention that you have some issues of Popular Computing. Is this the one written by Fred Gruenberger? If so, would you be willing to copy and send some issues for a reasonable fee?

(Submitted January 26, 2011 19:29:22 by Marion DeLong)

My husband has a collection of MAC ADDICT magazines. Is there any value to them?

(Submitted January 4, 2011 22:43:33 by Ron C)

Looking at your collection of old computer magazines sure brings back nostalgic memories. Of when being a computer hacker had a different meaning. Those were exciting years.

Thanks, Ron

(Submitted December 31, 2010 17:18:35 by Josh)

Great collection! I have old issues of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) journals and magazines from the 1962 to 1964 time frame. Would you be interested?

(Submitted August 19, 2010 20:53:37 by Emilie Courtney)

Do you know of any web sites that let you download for free. I am looking for all the tandy computer books. My e-mail address is

(Submitted June 22, 2010 18:49:32 by Gerald Blyth)

I have a very nice copy of Dr Dobbs JofCC&O, Volume One. It stil has the 'tear-out' subscription forms attached. If interested please email me gsblyth at

(Submitted May 25, 2010 12:35:28 by Cheryl)

I have the premier issue of Personal Computing from January/February 1977. I haven't been able to find out much about it, or its value. I am interested in selling it if I can find out more.

(Submitted March 18, 2010 16:35:43 by Adam Nathan)

Somebody back in 2004 mentioned a computer magazine called Forum '69. That was my father's magazine. I believe somewhere I have some back issues. If you would like a copy I can see if I can find one for you. Let me know if you're interested. I believe, btw, that there was actually a Forum '70 or two.

(Submitted March 14, 2010 13:16:38 by BERNARD KANER)

I have all 60 issues of LOTUS Magazine from May 1985 to Jan 1989. I hate to throw them out. If anyone wants them let me know.

(Submitted October 26, 2009 03:05:39 by Dan)

I have a collections of Computes gazette i am willing to sell... send me an email

(Submitted October 13, 2009 07:16:57 by Dano)

i have over 500 magazines for commodores for sale.... if you would like certain ones email me the date and issue and what mag.... have over 20 different magazine names and over 500 600 total magazines... or text 412 877 4550 thanks

(Submitted October 4, 2009 14:13:08 by Per)

Anyone have a collection of Compute´s Gazette that you wanna sell for a fair price ?

(Submitted July 28, 2009 17:46:51 by Amy)

I am looking for the computer magazine that had an artical about my uncle. He was a certified genius and they featured him in it. I never got to meet him, he died before I was born. I don't have a yr or anything but some old photos. My grandmother told me this stuff. Can anyone help?? Thanks

(Submitted March 10, 2009 16:39:57 by Tim Gallantree)

Hi there, I have just added a home computer book collection from the 80's by Orbis to eBay and wondered if you'd be interested in them;

Many Regards, TG

(Submitted October 23, 2008 12:49:42 by Art Brodsky)

I'm looking for some Boardwatch ISP directories from late 1990s or early 2000s. If you have one, or know someone who does, please let me know.


Art Brodsky Public Knowledge Washington, D.C.

(Submitted September 16, 2008 16:48:59 by Jim)

Hi there, anyone got any copies of The Home Computer Advanced Course by Orbis Publishing dating from 1984 to 1985. Around 96 weekly issues were printed.

(Submitted August 19, 2008 13:51:46 by Brad Varnum)

I have been involved with computer design for many years until I retired last year. Over the years I have accumulated many magazines, data books and manuals. I would appreciate any comments on the value of these items and any suggestions on how to market them. Following is a brief list of what I have:

MAGAZINES: (1970s to 2000s)

IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Proceedings, IEEE Communications, IEEE Computer Digital Design Embedded Systems Programming Computer Design Electronic Design EDN

DATABOOKS and MANUALS: (1960s to 2000s)

Many Semiconductor Manufacturers including Zilog, Dallas Semiconductor, etc. Many Computer Manufacturers including Compaq, DEC, Data General, Pro-Log, Rodime, etc. Software Manuals including CPM, Forth, etc. Teletype Service Manual from 1964

(Submitted August 15, 2008 15:28:53 by Jim Laniewicz)

I have nearly all the NeXTWORLD magazines, (including the EXTRA editions) from 1991 -) 1993. Most are excellent condition, (still have all the info/ad cards within them still) They came to me in the mail but overall in very incredible condition. I'm willing to sell all.

(Submitted July 15, 2008 22:39:49 by phil bohm)

I have 2 boxes of the first issues of MacWorld. Anybody interested n buying them?

(Submitted February 4, 2008 00:29:23 by Ty)

Does anyone have MACazine 1985 and 1986? Let me know.

(Submitted November 22, 2007 19:33:48 by John Thornton)

I have the first three issues of MacWorld (beginning with the Premier Issue in March/April of 1984) that I am willing to sell.

(Submitted October 11, 2007 13:33:50 by Anthony Gross)

Hi there are your magazines still for sale? All the best Anthony

(Submitted October 1, 2007 21:12:47 by Les)

Is a collection of ALL MacWorld Magazines of any real dollar value?

(Submitted September 19, 2007 13:36:29 by Pam)

Are early MacWorld magazines collectible? or too new and plentiful? I hate to just toss them out. They are interesting to look at, since things change so quickly.

(Submitted July 22, 2007 20:28:19 by Larry Nedry)

I'm selling my collection of vintage computer magazines. Byte - 89 issues from 1979 thru 1989. Kilobaud - 30 issues from 1977 thru 1984. 80 Micro - 55 issues from 1982 thru 1988 Please contact me if interested.

(Submitted July 11, 2007 23:35:36 by James)

hi everyone. I have a full set of the 1983 edition of The Color Computer Magazine, in mint condition, w/ premiere issue. Can someone tell me how much these are worth? thanks

(Submitted July 11, 2007 20:28:31 by dennis sprague)

'MicroCornucopia' - there's a blast from the past. they ran a Turbo Pascal programming contest once. my program to generate instructions to build a wooden planter won a prize. my father was a woodworker, and that program was the first useful thing a computer ever did for him. an artical and source code of the program was published - i got 2 copies of Turbo Pascal V 2, about 6 copies of the issue it was in and a nice T-shirt. the program used the block graphics on a Kaypro II to show you a rough (very rough) idea of how the planter would look. is it possible that the source would have been scanned and available somewhere? i'd like to move the progran to Delphi ...

(Submitted June 16, 2007 22:29:32 by Bill Hemmings)

What about Dave Thompson's 'MicroCornucopia'?

Started out with projects and softwares for the BigBoard, designed by Jim Ferguson (a design essentially copied for the first Kaypros) who sold rights to build clones to Xerox, for the 820.

Ran to something like 54 issues over maybe ten years? Starting maybe late 1970's?

They also put out some software disk collections and Kaypro ROM monitor mods among other things.

Thompson seemed to have burned himself out up in Bend, Oregon producing this magazine.

It was even carried on the magazine rack of B.Dalton stores.

(Submitted April 1, 2007 23:32:03 by (a

Hi Erik,

I stumbled across a few mags that it doesn't appear you have. I've got 4 issues of Personal Computing (a Hayden Publication). Address is: 4 Disk Drive PO Box 1423 Riverton, NJ 08077 There's an alternate address of: PO Box 2942 Boulde, CO 80322 They claim to also publish: Electronic Design Computer Decisions MicroWaves Personal Computing Electronic Design's Gold Book MicroWave's Product Data Directory Hayden Books Hayden Software

The four issues I have are Vol 7, Num 4-7: April 1983 A Buyer's Guide to Word Processing Software May 1983 The Benefits of Computer Portability June 1983 Managing Your Time July 1983 'You Bet I Bought a Second Computer'

Anyone recognize them or are interested in them?

(Submitted March 4, 2007 13:23:53 by Tom day)

Clearing out the attic and have come across a collection of magazines called Personal Computer World. This was hailed, at the time, Europes leading micro magazine. I have all copies from May 1978 (Volume 1 Issue 1) through December 1981 contained in 4 PCW folders. Interesting to note only the first two issues were given volume/issue numbers before reverting to month only dating. Not sure what I going with these seeing as it charts early micro technology/history

(Submitted January 22, 2007 16:59:44 by Gary Clark)

I purchased 2 copies each of the 9 ROM magazines with the purpose of saving them. I liked the way they looked. I even kept them in their original brown slip cover for a number of years. I have them in a drawer to this day. Occasionally I look at them. I wonder how many of these are around in this condition? Every time I looked at them I was careful because I wanted them to be in good condition!

(Submitted December 14, 2006 09:23:27 by Denis Boisvert)

Hey guys, I was in an old compute! or compute gazette reader programming hints send in section, and I would pay some coinage if anyone could find my article and either sell me the mag or scan it and email to me, i'm from the old school and its hard to find these mags, I would love to see that again just to show the boys... Look and see, could be worth it!! Email me @, I'll make it woth your while, make the subject Commodore 64 so I can find it amoungst the spam..

(Submitted November 7, 2006 23:44:27 by John)

I loved Kilobaud - they were software where Byte was hardware. This page has me wallowing in nostalgia. I still have boxes of old Tech journals. Lots of water under the bridge.

(Submitted October 22, 2006 16:08:10 by Emulator Man - HEY David Ayre)

(Submitted April 26, 2006 17:59:19 by (a Ayre(/a)) I'm completely prepared for a total letdown here... but would anyone be kind enough to scan and email me a copy of Jim Tankard's article: The Literary Detective from Volume 11, issue 2 (February, 1986) ? I will commit to having your children once male fertility technology has advanced to an appropriate level of development and testing. Honest ! ------------------------------ I have the 2/86 issues of both RUN and Gazette mags, and neither of them were the correct issue numbers, nor did the have the article you're looking for. You should post again, and name the Magazine if you can. I'm sure someone will help you..


(Submitted October 15, 2006 12:26:46 by Lonnie)

i have some coumpt gazette magazine want i get rid of $ 100. each also have run,ahoy and other all so book for vic 20/64

(Submitted October 5, 2006 17:54:42 by arthur Lima)

I have Vol.1,Issue 1 Fall,1981 of (Home and Educational COMPUTING!)Has a picture of the VIC-20 on the cover. Published by Small System Services Inc, Is this one rare? I have not seen one like It. Arthur

(Submitted September 7, 2006 14:18:45 by Sol Libes)

I was the Editor and Publisher of S-100 Microsystems (1979-1984) and later Microsystems Journal (1984-1988). If you would like copies of these publications let me know and I will try to supply copies from what I still have. Regards....Sol

(Submitted August 12, 2006 22:50:08 by Rick Benner)

I have Volume 1 , Issue 1 of ROM Magazine. It was published in 1977. Some great ads in this magazine, such as IMSAI, Xitan, Southwest Technical Products and MITS.

(Submitted April 26, 2006 18:06:43 by Erik Klein)

Re: I'm completely prepared for a total letdown here... but would anyone be kind enough to scan and email me a copy of Jim Tankard's article: The Literary Detective from Volume 11, issue 2 (February, 1986) ?

Which magazine is it from?

Unless it's Byte I probably don't have a copy in my collection (I'm not even sure my Byte collection is that complete from that year.)

(Submitted April 26, 2006 17:59:19 by (a Ayre(/a))

I'm completely prepared for a total letdown here... but would anyone be kind enough to scan and email me a copy of Jim Tankard's article: The Literary Detective from Volume 11, issue 2 (February, 1986) ? I will commit to having your children once male fertility technology has advanced to an appropriate level of development and testing. Honest !

(Submitted March 26, 2006 20:18:15 by Dave)

I have a few copies of some elderly magazines available.There from 1984. Have been used but not abused !!!! Compute,Feb/84Aug/84Sept/84Oct/84Nov/84Jan/85Mar/85May/85 and 1 copy of Computes Gazette July/84.Free,To a good home.


(Submitted March 2, 2006 21:56:37 by Sharen)

I have a full collection of Electronics Australia Magazines and am trying to find a new home for them, would you know who would be interested to buy or have on display.

(Submitted January 29, 2006 19:56:02 by Emulator Man)

I have a complete collection of Compute's Gazette for the C64, and a near complete set of RUN magazine from 85-92. I also have all the Gazette disks and ReRUN disks (and also transferred to .D64 files for emulators)

I'm so lucky!

(Submitted January 15, 2006 20:50:46 by Brian Heise)

Would like to purchase that jr magazine you have or any others if they have come your way...

(Submitted November 19, 2005 18:05:59 by Edwin Hampton)

On reguard to Interface/Interface Age magazine. The Southern California Computer Society published a newsletter, which became the slick magazine SCCS Interface. They stated that the magazine publisher hijacked their idea and published it as Interface Age. Hence the Duplicate issues under both names. I would have to re-read my issues to get the details. I have a mostly original Altair S/N 221641K and the assembly manuals. I think I have all the Computer Notes, I would have to dig them out. I used Processor Technology's 3P+S I/O board (Three parallel & a serial port on one board was better than two of MITS boards. It's output had to be run through an additional inverter before it could be used with a TTY/33. Ed.

(Submitted November 13, 2005 19:02:32 by Ken McElhanon)

I am looking for a 1984 KAYPRO advertisement that shows a Kaypro computer devouring an IBM Selectric typewriter. Can anyone scan it and send me a jpeg? Thanks

(Submitted October 1, 2005 11:20:14 by Robert)

Am interested in selling my Byte magazines and may other computer books. Would you be interested?

(Submitted August 18, 2005 13:02:06 by Gerald Booth)

For Sale Old PC Magazine Collection

vol 1 #4 thru #12 vol 2 #1 thru #7 vol 3 #1 thru #12 and #14 thru #20, and #25 vol 4 #1 thru #6 and #8 Thru 10

Vol 1 #4 dated August 1982 Vol 4 #10 dated May 14. 1985 Fair to good condition

Total 43 issues, weight 90 lbs without shipping cartons

(Submitted July 20, 2005 15:07:19 by Roger Watkins)

An old friend has given me several magazines in perfect shape.BYTE,Dr.Dobbs,Personal Computing Mar.1977 etc. The most interesting is a Vol.1No.1 ROM. Anyone interested? My phone is 713-329-9170. Thanks, Roger Watkins

(Submitted April 15, 2005 17:03:21 by Gunther)

I have a Byte magazine Issue 2 Vol. 1 October 1975 in mint condition for sale to highest bidder.

(Submitted February 16, 2005 20:26:06 by Lawrence Fournier)

Looking for Premier Issue of Personal Computing Jan/Feb 1977.

(Submitted January 27, 2005 16:42:23 by (a Swirsky(/a))

I used to write for those magazines back in the old days. I was a contributer to Interface Age, Popular Computing, etc. I miss those old days.

(Submitted December 12, 2004 15:53:50 by Erik)

The magazine inventory is maintained in an Excel spreadsheet and hand-coded into HTML tables for these pages.

Not particularly high-tech but it works for me! :)

You should be able to generate some good interest for your stuff on ebay if you put up good auctions. The better the pictures and descriptions are, the more likely that you'll have success.

Of course, eBay can be unpredictable. I've had some items go well above my expectations and at least as many go for way less than I thought they should.

If you have anything that I don't I might be interested pre-ebay! :)


(Submitted December 9, 2004 16:25:53 by Leonard Schwab)

Erik: Very nice site and very nice collections. Were your magazine inventory sheets generated from a DB program or manually, ie: in a word- processor/webpage editor? If from a db application, which?

I have a similar magazine/ephimera collection - more in some areas, less in others - very heavy on CP/M and lots of software manuals. I plan to parcel it out on E-bay over the next few years. Any comments?

(Submitted October 8, 2004 06:11:31 by merrill parker)

I'm getting ready to put the complete 27 issues of Softalk magazine up on e-bay. If you're interested, let me know.

(Submitted August 2, 2004 09:59:56 by Jack Freymuller)

Hello - Thought you might like to know of a short-lived computer industry magazine that was published around 1969. It title, fittingly, enough, was Forum 69. No, I don't have a copy. As I recall it, the concept was somewhat like the BUSINESS WEEK of the computer industry, only monthly. Not heavy technical. Didn't last long enough to be retitled Forum 70.

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