Morrow MD1

The Morrow Micro Decision was an excellent CP/M computer running a single-board Z80 that just came a bit too late. By the time these were being sold the IBM PC was taking the world by storm and the landscape of personal and business computing was beginning to change forever.

The insides of the Morrow MD-1

The Morrow Micro Decision was an elegantly designed system that incorporated a single Z80 based motherboard and little else.

The Morrow MD-1 running

The MD-2 in my collection is in exceptionally good physical and functional condition, as can be seen above.

Although the form-factor looks like a typical PC the monitor and keyboard are, in fact, a dumb terminal while the chassis contains the computer itself. Almost any other serial dumb terminal will suffice for running the machine and at least two can, in fact, be installed.

Morrow MD-1 Software

The software that came with the unit includes Microsoft BASIC, BAZIC (a Northstar compatible BASIC) and a variety of business applications including word processing, spell check and spreadsheet programs.

Morrow MD-1 Documentation

The manuals for the machine, terminal and software were also included.

This Morrow Micro Decision and all of the associated software and documentation were donated by Richard Montanye.