Epson PX8

The Epson Geneva in my collection is in excellent working condition with most of the original manuals and other items from the packaging (with the exception of the packaging itself and the main users manual.)

Epson Geneva PX-8 closed

Cosmetically the machine is just about perfect with the possible exception of the keyboard cover which is slightly discolored, perhaps from manufacturing impurities.

The Epson Geneva Modem

The machine in the collection comes complete with the modem option which is a wedge shaped addition to the bottom rear of the case. Besides providing slow dial-up connectivity it has the added advantage of propping the keyboard up at a more comfortable angle.

Epson Geneva Micro-Cassette and ROM Module

The Geneva uses micro-cassettes for data storage and pre-programmed ROMs for most applications including BASIC and CP/M.

Epson Geneva PX-8 Documentaion

The machine came with most of the original documentation.