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Interface Age Volume 1, Number 9 - their first issue

Volume 1*

Volume Issue Date Title
1 9 August, 1976 Color Graphics - A beginning
1 10 September, 1976 "Future Shock" - Education
1 11 October, 1976 Microcomputers - The First Step
1 12 November, 1976 Hardware/Software Guide Edition

*Interface Age broke from the Southern California Computer Society's SCCS Interface Magazine. It appears that they started their numbering mid-run to reflect issues that were published as SCCS Interface. If anyone is aware of issues of Interface Age earlier than Volume 1, Number 9 (August 1976) please let me know.

Volume 2

Volume Issue Date Title
2 1 December, 1976 iCOM's New Microfloppy Disk System
2 2 January, 1977 AMI's EVK Series Microcomputer Boards
2 3 February, 1977 Warp Factor
2 4 March, 1977 *Missing from Collection*
2 5 April, 1977 "Mike" - Computer Controlled Robot
2 6 May, 1977 Computrac 2000
2 7 June, 1977 Bionics Issue
2 8 July, 1977 Special Directory Issue
2 9 August, 1977 Astronomy/Astrophysics Special
2 10 September, 1977 General Ledger Program
2 11 October, 1977 Meteorology/Environment Special
2 12 November, 1977 Special Hardware/Software Issue
2 13 December, 1977 Microcomputing for the Home

Volume 3

Volume Issue Date Title
3 1 January, 1978 QWERTY Is Obsolete
3 2 February, 1978 LSI-11 Microcomputers in Hospital ICUs
3 3 March, 1978 New Products Directory
3 4 April, 1978 Artificial Intelligence
3 5 May, 1978 Inside ASCII
3 6 June, 1978 1978 Editorial Conference
3 7 July, 1978 Medical Applications
3 8 August, 1978 European Roulette
3 9 September, 1978 The Educational Issue
3 10 October, 1978 Index to Hardare
3 11 November, 1978 Index to Software
3 12 December, 1978 1978 Index to Microcomputer Books

Volume 4

Volume Issue Date Title
4 1 January, 1979 Communications
4 2 February, 1979 Business
4 3 March, 1979 Music
4 4 April, 1979 Robotics
4 5 May, 1979 Business Software
4 6 June, 1979 Automated Home
4 7 July, 1979 New Product Directory
4 8 August, 1979 Micros for Handicapped
4 9 September, 1979 *Missing from Collection*
4 10 October, 1979 Education
4 11 November, 1979 New Product Directory
4 12 December, 1979 Video Graphics

Volume 5

Volume Issue Date Title
5 1 January, 1980 Editorial Index for 1979
5 2 February, 1980 The Microcomputer Finds A Home
5 3 March, 1980 Communications and the Computer
5 4 April, 1980 *Missing from Collection*
5 5 May, 1980 First Buyers Guide for the 80's
5 6 June, 1980 Small Computers of the 80s - How Do They Stack Up?
5 7 July, 1980 New Products Directory
5 8 August, 1980 How to Plan for Your Computer's Home
5 9 September, 1980 Custom Programs "Beat the System"
5 10 October, 1980 Micros in Education: Making the Climb
5 11 November, 1980 Terminals: Do More, Cost Less
5 12 December, 1980 Move Over Electronic Mail...Here Comes Viewdata

Volume 6

Volume Issue Date Title
6 1 January, 1981 Buyer's Guide: Business Systems Preview
6 2 February, 1981 Graphics Systems Compared
6 3 March, 1981 Armchair Shopping: Mail-Order Computers
6 4 April, 1981 New Products Directory
6 5 May, 1981 Computers in the Business World
6 6 June, 1981 Breaking the Language Barrier
6 7 July, 1981 New Products Directory
6 8 August, 1981 Computing to Work
6 9 September, 1981 Computer Operations in Medicine
6 10 October, 1981 Micros in the Classroom
6 11 November, 1981 Comparing Business Systems
6 12 December, 1981 Computer Applications of the Future

Volume 7

Volume Issue Date Title
7 1 January, 1982 Pocket Computer as a Travel Guide
7 2 February, 1982 Micro Graphics for Business
7 3 March, 1982 Computer User Options: Timesharing vs. Buying
7 4 April, 1982 Comparing Accounting Packages
7 5 May, 1982 Spelling Programs Compared
7 6 June, 1982 Selecting Payables/Receivables Software
7 7 July, 1982 Spreadsheet Programs Compared
7 8 August, 1982 Business Systems Comparison
7 9 September, 1982 Guide to over 30 Payroll Programs
7 10 October, 1982 How to Select Inventory Software
7 11 November, 1982 16-Bit Micros How Do They Stack Up
7 12 December, 1982 Finding the Right Word Processing Program

Interface Age evolved out of the club newsletter for the Southern California Computer Society: SCCS Interface. The magazine catered to a fairly technical readership and offered product reviews as well as programming information and coverage of more technical topics.

The split between SCCS Interface and Interface Age occurred when the publishers realized that the magazine had profit potential and decided to take production in-house to capitalize on that. As someone put it to me once (paraphrased) the magazine was stolen from the geeks because it could make money.

(Submitted August 24, 2012 13:24:53 by Gerald A. Silveer)

I have a complete set of the original SCCS magazine, Interface Age, etc. They are for sale to private collectors, or to non-profits. Call me at 818-990-2757.

(Submitted January 5, 2012 07:33:52 by dan)

I would love to get a hold of any of these old issues for reading and enjoyment. If anyone has any for the price of shipping or for a reasonable price, please contact me


(Submitted October 30, 2010 11:17:59 by Ken Kolbly)

In 1979, when I was a young pup, I wrote an embarrassingly crude program on the IMSAI 8080 that we had built. Interface Age published it and I am now trying to find a copy. I believe it was published in the December 1979 issue. I would like to confirm the date and if I could buy a copy I would be most grateful. Even a scan of the relevant pages would be appreciated. Thanks, Ken

(Submitted June 7, 2010 08:45:56 by Cameron)

I'm looking for Vol 1 Issue 8, July 1976. Anyone have a spare copy?

(Submitted August 7, 2009 17:30:39 by Bill Hunsicker)

I am looking at a copy of Interface Age magazine as I write. The header inbcludes: Volume 4, Issue 1 January 1979 $2.00 . I published an article in it (see pp 128-133)The title is: Designing the Lakeland Repeater (WR4AWJ) Control and Identify Program This design has been used all over the USA and as far away as Australia, as I have been told by a man in California who sent me an Email recently. Just thought you might like to know. Bill

(Submitted April 29, 2009 10:27:56 by (a href=mailto:)Mortar(/a))

This was one of my regular titles. Although it tended to be more on the techie side, it was an easier read than Kilobaud was. And they actually sprang for REAL front covers!

(Submitted March 8, 2009 21:43:42 by Jose)

I'd be interested on finding the Floppy-ROM. Quite... If somebody could help me get it or could tell me where to I'd thank it very much. Thanks

(Submitted May 31, 2007 20:34:54 by Roger Garrett)

As for the takevover, my understanding is that it wasn't a takeover at all. The initial magazine was being prepared by the SCCS, Southern California Computer Society. Bob Jone, of McPheters, Wolfe, and Jones, offered to turn it into a professionally produced magazine and established an agreement with the SCCS in which the SCCS would provide a substantial part of the content of the magazine, Jones would bear the financial burden of publishing, marketing, etc. and they would share in the profits. The SCCS did not hold up their part of the bargain and Jones had to provide all of the content through his own writers and columnists, at his own expense. When it became clear that the relationship could not proceed all connection with the SCCS was ended and the magazine became simply Interface Age.

At least that's my understanding. If anyone has better information please let us know.

(Submitted May 31, 2007 20:34:37 by Roger Garrett)

Regarding the question of whether Adam Osborne was involved in the takeover of Interface Age magazine: the answer is no, he wasn't. He was a columnist for the magazine, writing the From The Fountanhead column. He had nothing whatsoever to do with any takeover.

I, too was a columnist for the magazine, my column being The Inventor's Sketchpad which ran for several years.

(Submitted October 20, 2006 00:20:40 by Nike)

Cool Guest Book.

(Submitted September 11, 2006 16:49:03 by Jeffrey A. Schwartz)

There was an advertisement in the April 77 (or maybe it was 76) Interface Age which was quite humorous. It was for creative toombstones. If anyone has a copy and could scan/send me the page, I'd be forever grateful. Alternately, I'd be interested in purchasing that particular issue.

(Submitted September 7, 2006 18:23:56 by Helga)

cool site

(Submitted May 31, 2006 22:11:24 by Grandjean Philippe)

Interface Age, Byte....I still have a lot of magazines left over somewhere in Belgium, must see next time I'm there which issues are available

(Submitted May 31, 2006 22:11:10 by (a Philippe(/a))

Interface Age, Byte....I still have a lot of magazines left over somewhere in Belgium, must see next time I'm there which issues are available

(Submitted March 11, 2006 19:03:47 by Jorge Valencia) really interested in your magazine can i get it in my country, Colombia?

(Submitted January 20, 2006 14:57:46 by Dave Morris)

For a while, when the magazine was being taken over, I was getting 2 magazines. The magazine started out as Interface, and the little word Age started getting bigger and bigger in the title. Wasn't Adam Osborne involved in the takeover somehow?

Anyway, I wrote the October 80 article A Simple Robot Navigation System, and would like to buy a few more copies of that issue if anybody wants to part with theirs.

(Submitted December 1, 2005 03:36:31 by bill smith)

I just made a web site with my Interface Age Article

(Submitted May 13, 2005 07:03:39 by camille st.onge)

We are looking for a magazine article titled Multivibrators that was published in the 1970's in Interface Age. The author is Kendrick. If anyone has this article, could you e-mail me at above address.

(Submitted January 26, 2005 07:24:01 by YVONNE HAMMOUDA)

Hi - would anybody know where i can find a photo in Interface Age(or maybe somewhere else) of a robotic dog called Philidog; the creation of M. Piraux of the Philips organization in France and was demonstrated at the Paris International Radio Exhibition of 1929? Any info would be most gratefully appreciated. Yvonne

(Submitted January 6, 2005 13:36:24 by Erik Klein)

Thanks for the information, Bert!

I had suspected that the story went something like that and I'd heard some rumors in that regard before.


(Submitted January 6, 2005 12:39:16 by Bert Kaye)

I was around in Southern California when SCCS changed to Interface Age. It happened because the society's publication was being handled by an ad agency, McPheters, Wolfe, and Jones, and when the mag actually became profitable due to ad revenue, the ad guys stole the magazine, changed the title, and screwed the SCCS over. It was a rotten treachery playing on the innocence and naivety of the techies.

(Submitted December 30, 2004 17:31:53 by Ross)

Most of the 1st two years worth is available -- currently on auction at eBay if you're interested!

(Submitted December 12, 2004 13:04:06 by Roger Garrett)

I'm wondering if anyone recalls the column that used to be published in Interface Age magazaine that was called The Inventor's Sketchpad? I was the author of those articles. My how computing has changed since all those many years ago.

Roger Garrett

(Submitted December 5, 2004 04:53:40 by Alan secker)

My tongue wa hanging out, waiting for each issue. There was such a dearh of information here in the U.K. I took the advice of the Cairman of the Amateur Computer Club to 'soak it in through the pores'. That included importing Interface Age an devouring every issue. I eventually submitted an article about handling the period between two dates when one might be pre-Gregorian. It was returned. They had ceased publication.

I need to dispose of my magazine collection, Including IA. I have: Jul 1978 to Dec 1978 Jan 1979 to Dec 1979 Jan 1980 to Dec 1980 Jan 1981 to Apr 1981 Jun 1981 to Dec 1981 Jan 1982 to Juk 1982 Aug 1982 to Dec 1982 Aor 1983 to May 1983 Aug 1983 to Oct 1983

No reasonable offer refused.

(Submitted November 5, 2004 10:13:04 by Greg Goodwin)

Got a whole set of these and have loved reading them. Would be willing to ship book rate and for a reasonable offer (something more than $5-10 but not much.) :) Neat age of computing.

(Submitted September 21, 2004 19:39:25 by Hershel Belkin)

I have the full set of 1978, 1979, 1980 issues and a number from 1981. Any interest? Not sure I'm ready to pwrt with them...

(Submitted July 7, 2004 22:14:45 by Robert S. Jones)

Would like to have the October 1976 issue of Interface Age. Have many other issues saved and would be willing to trade to fill in the missing copies you need.

(Submitted July 7, 2004 22:09:10 by Robert S. Jones)

What would you like to know about the split between SCCS Interface and Interface Age? I am the former owner and publisher of Interface Age.

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