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Manufacturer CompuPro Inc.
Model N/A
Date Announced Various
Date Canceled Various
Number Produced Unknown
Country of Origin USA
Price Various
Current Value $50-$250
Processor Several cards from 8088/8085 to Z80 to 80286
Speed 4 MHz and up
RAM 16K to several Megabytes depending on configuration
ROM Unknown
Storage 2 8" floppy disk drives
Expansion 22 card backplane
Bus S-100
Video Terminal Output
I/O Parallel, Serial, A/D
OS Options CP/M, CP/M-86, MP/M, others.
Notes This system came as a single case with a large number of additional cards. The unit and the vast majority of the cards are CompuPro items. The cards include various processor cards, IO cards, system support cards and memory cards. In addition to the backplane and S-100 cards there was a Lobo dual 8" floppy subsystem and a fair amount of documentation and software.
Related Items in Collection CompuPro 8/16 which is a very similar system with a number of the same cards.
Related Items Wanted Additional S-100 cards, more software, etc.

I haven't yet had the time to work with this machine much. I've configured it to be nearly ready to try out, but haven't yet actually plugged it into a terminal and pushed the on button.

Compupro and associated cards, documentation and software donated by Andrew Porter.

(Submitted February 7, 2007 17:38:42 by (a href=mailto:)Steve Jones(/a))

CompuPro/VIASYN also released 68000 and Nat Semi 32016-based CPU cards for the S-100 bus. I resurrected a CompuPro CPM-68k system while I was in college, and I managed to acquire one of the 32k CPU boards a couple years ago. One former CompuPro dealer I'm in touch with does not recall Godbout ever offering any finished software for the 32k, though. Should be interesting when I finally get around to playing with it...

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