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The Apple //c computer system

Manufacturer Apple Computer Corporation
Model Apple //c
Date Announced April 1984
Date Canceled 1988
Number Produced Hundreds of thousands
Country of Origin USA
Price $1,295
Current Value $0-$50
Processor MOS 65C02
Speed 1 MHz
RAM 128K+
ROM 16K, later 32K
Storage Built-in 3.5" floppy drive, optional external 3.5" or 5.25" floppy drives
Expansion None
Bus None
Video Apple II standard 280x192, 560x192, etc.
I/O Parallel, Serial
OS Options ProDOS, CP/M with Z80 coprocessor
Notes The Apple //c was apple's appliance version of the Apple 2 line. It was released shortly after the MacIntosh.
Related Items in Collection Other Apple 2 computers including Apple II Plus, Apple IIe, etc.
Related Items Wanted Manuals, software, monitor stand, external drives.

The Apple //c was one of the last of the Apple 2 line. It was a compact machine with all of the features of the larger Apple IIs in a small package with a handle on the back.

I have two Apple //c machines in my collection. The first is a basic machine with a monitor and the second is boxed with all original packaging but no monitor.

Thank you to Sellam Ismail who donated the first machine and to Sean Mattingly who donated the boxed machine.

(Submitted August 4, 2012 13:09:50 by Ashley)

I have an apple llc that I need to get rid of. It was my moms. It still comes on and works from what I can see...not too sure what it's suppose to do because it was purchased before I was even born!! It has a couple of disks, the monitor, computer/keyboard thing, and something else that I'm not sure what it is..I don't know what to do with it. I was told to sell it but not sure how to go bout doing so...if I can't, I guess I will just throw it away..

(Submitted May 27, 2012 16:37:05 by Kathy)

I have an Apple IIC Monitor, the metal tray that holds it up and where the computer would have slid in, underneath..

I don't have the computer.

I do have several cords, including a power pack..

Please contact with any inquiries.

Thank you, Kathy

(Submitted May 12, 2012 07:05:19 by Mike)

I have a a new in the box Apple IIc, MonoChrome Monitor, Monitor stand, Okimate 20 printer and the software still with the srink wrap on them what is the best place to but them up for sale

(Submitted March 19, 2012 22:30:14 by Retzy)

My Apple IIc that was for sale in Sydney has been sold to a gentleman in the USA. Enjoy her as much as I did. Have fun with all the games.

(Submitted February 20, 2012 22:01:22 by Retzy)

Spoke to my mother and apparently the Apple IIc actually works fine! She stopped using it because she couldn't get the ink for the printer. All the manuals and software and stand are still intact. If any one from Sydney, Australia would like to pick it up for AUD$10, then email us.

(Submitted February 16, 2012 21:44:11 by Retzy)

About to send mum's Apple IIc to the eheap. Is there any one in Sydney, Australia who would like me to look out for certain parts? The unit is not working as a whole, and I'm not sure how intact all the cords etc are today. Contact me on email.

(Submitted January 9, 2012 15:08:02 by Wim te Riet)

My //c is gone. Thanks for your interest.

(Submitted December 30, 2011 21:12:35 by (a href=mailto:HogWinslowataoldotcom)Tom(/a))

I have an Apple IIc with printer and monitor. Email if your interested.

(Submitted November 27, 2011 10:00:15 by Wim te Riet)

I've got a //c, complete with printer, monitor, monitor stand, Thunderscan, software, external floppy drive (5.25). I live in The Netherlands. It has to go. Colour changed from the creamy white to an almost orange hue, but it still should work. If there's someone out there who wants to have it, I'll be glad to give it away.

(Submitted July 29, 2011 14:05:28 by Paul Godbout)

I have an apple 2c floppy 5.25 Need transfer to 3.5 disks To run on my IBM xp window 5.25 floppy may be low density has one hole on the right Paul G Durant Mississippi Native of Manchester New Hampshire 39063 Reply requested 7/29/11

(Submitted March 12, 2011 12:31:29 by Jon)

Seeking an Apple IIc monitor with stand. Please email if you are interested in selling or know someone who is selling.

(Submitted December 25, 2010 11:23:57 by Eugene)

I have an Apple IIc with an image writer, original floppy drives and software, manuals and boxes it came in. I also have a MacSE 30 with case. Do you know of any sites I can sell them to? They are both in working condition.

(Submitted November 19, 2010 08:21:16 by Ken)

I have my original Apple IIc with the Apple DOT Matrix printer, all in the original Apple boxes.It has been in storage for many years and I don't know if it runs now. Willing to part with it for a few bucks.

(Submitted November 18, 2010 00:09:32 by dean)

I have the original carrying case for the 2c. Willing to let go if someone would like it.

(Submitted January 28, 2010 10:15:22 by Paul)

This was my FIRST prized computer, and i used it throughout my law school studies. It was quite a hit when it was in production, and certainly stood up to the tasks of the day. I loved it, and so did all of my friends!!!

(Submitted January 23, 2010 20:36:37 by Sean)

Hello, I would really like on of these computers. I have only been alive for computers that had a highly graphical interface, and on ebay I can only find the computer (no monitor) or the whole deal for like $150. Please contact me a seanroberts11 @ (no spaces in the real address though).

(Submitted January 7, 2010 13:04:09 by Antony Galbraith)

I have an Apple iic Computer, Keyboard and Monitor with stand in original box, software and manuals. It all works great--I just opened it up and gave it a try. I don't want to trash it. Does anyone know what I can do with it?

(Submitted January 1, 2010 14:04:57 by pete henkel)

I have an Apple iic Computer/Keyboard, Monitor with stand in original box, external disc drive, a stack of software and all the manuals for the above. It all works great. My sister will donate it to a local charity unless someone who is interested contacts me at

(Submitted October 21, 2009 02:09:43 by Ken)

This was the first computer I ever used. Ah, the memories!

(Submitted July 24, 2009 23:37:29 by Blako)

Anyone remember names of a shopping mall game where you had to avoid guards? The other one was a prompted detective game.

(Submitted July 2, 2009 11:26:01 by Jeff Trudeaux)

Found some great literature for Apple enthusiasts! Check it out.

(Submitted June 19, 2009 05:20:16 by Jeff Trudeaux)

I currently have apple IIc on ebay for sale with RF adapter to hook up to tv. Everything fits in its nice little case. I am also looking to buy apple II games if anyone is selling email me please.

(Submitted May 14, 2009 05:39:49 by Walter)

I just inherited an Apple IIc from my step dad I have have everything that was in the box set up and plugged in, but it won't work. I get the green power button to light up and the monitor is on but the computer makes no noise and the screen shows nothing. Any ideas?

(Submitted March 6, 2009 13:11:07 by JAC224)

hello everybody, i've got an old apple iic but i don't have the power suply cable and the cable that conects the cpu with the monitor. has anyone got any sugestion?? where can i find it?? or maybe somebody want to buy it.. cu

(Submitted January 19, 2009 05:48:25 by Wayne Bibbens)

Please visit for lots of old apple stuff. the site is in progress. e-mail me if you would like a price on any item(s). also catch the movie, Welcome to Macintosh as we'e in it! Wayne.

(Submitted December 12, 2008 15:54:35 by irys)

I have Apple IIc and few 5 ľ disks with games, but I canít make it display anything. Besides the screen with Apple IIc as a picture above, I do not see anything else. Any suggestion? I have not idea how to work this computer. Unfortunately our guinea pig chewed on power cord. Possible that is the problem, but it starts. Computer sees the floppy drive makes some noise and thatís all. After pressing control, clear apple end reset few times I am able to type some words in the command prompt mode.

(Submitted December 7, 2008 18:25:38 by tom)

looking for a power supply for apple 2c

(Submitted December 5, 2008 03:39:45 by Mark LaVene)

I have an Apple IIc and an Apple IIe...they are in great shape...I do not have the monitor to the Apple IIc as I didn't like the little E.T. looking monitor. I had it traded with another monitor and it went bad and i threw it out. The Apple IIe has its own monitor with the double disk drive and keyboard/hardrive compact computer.

(Submitted August 21, 2008 17:41:32 by Paul)

Hi, anyone have a IIc flat panel display (the LCD one) for sale, cheap? Mine dies a miserable death. Please let me know by clicking on my name and sending me an email.


(Submitted July 22, 2008 10:38:22 by Alice)

Glen.... We are interested in your 2c items, especially the power block.

(Submitted July 17, 2008 23:58:22 by Glen)

I have a apple 2c with a power block. It works great. i dont have a screen, you can use tv with it. it has a upgraded chip 65c816 I believe it is called.

(Submitted July 7, 2008 19:46:25 by scott fasbender)

i have an apple 2c for sale.this vintage computer is in great shape and come with lots of accesories.i have personally tested this computer and have verified that all parts work. it comes with the compter,color monitor,external drive,dot matrix printer, and monitor standalong with a big box of assorted software from games to office does have the original boxes as well as the original instructions and tutorial disk that came with the computer when it was brand new.this also comes with an additional apple 2c computer but it is in a nonworking condition but could be used for parts.this is a great computer for that collector of vintage computers or for the person who's just a mac lover. check it out

(Submitted June 13, 2008 10:56:02 by Darryl Bremner)

I am interested in your apple 2c. Mine crashed today. I already have a brand new 2008 toshiba for other uses but I have much stored on diskettes that I used with the old apple 2c. Do you have any for sale. Thanks

(Submitted June 7, 2008 14:02:26 by Debbie Ozuna)

I have books from an old Apple II, to sell. Apple BASIC Programmer's Reference Manual, Spell Check book and discs, many back up discs and programs, Sideways (spreadsheets) Manual & discs,ImageWriterII owner's Manual, Easy Working Tri Pack book & discs, The Graphics department Book & discs, The Apple II Tutorial, Apple II Reference Manual, Microzine Program, Apple IIc Owners Manual, BASIC Programming with ProDOS, Printshop, A Touch of Applesoft BASIC. All excellent condition, ready to part with.

(Submitted May 30, 2008 18:18:47 by davis)

i got a hold of one of these but it doesnt have a power supply? i've been having some trouble tracking on down, does anyone know its product #? or where i could find one?

(Submitted March 17, 2008 20:31:43 by Bernard J. Seipt)

would need a floppy drive for my Apple llc 51/4 let my know bernhard

(Submitted March 3, 2008 09:29:21 by Louie)

Does anyone know of a similiar to Apple Works program that works on Windows XP? The Data Base, Word Processor and Spread Sheet features can't be beat for simplicity. Thanks, Louie

(Submitted January 12, 2008 23:07:30 by Daniel)

mike roberts: how much do want the apple 2c for?

(Submitted December 8, 2007 21:58:35 by Mike Roberts)

I have an Apple II Plus with 2 seperate disk drives, and an Apple IIe with the all in 1 seperate dual disk drive unit. I have a joystick and two Apple III monitors. Tons of 5.25 disks, I even have the shelf that goes over the II Plus to put the monitor on. They both fire up, and come to a prompt, but it has been decades, so I do not remember how to run them. I would like to sell both of them, reasonable for sure. Please let me know if you or someone you know are interested. Thanks.

(Submitted November 6, 2007 15:06:58 by Bradley Broerman)

Anyone have a power supply (brick) for the original IIc? I am in need of one.

(Submitted September 25, 2007 19:14:54 by Pete)

I have a coplete Apple IIC Plus still working.They are stored inoriginal boxes. Have some instructions, and I don't know what else. Have copy of APPLY WORKS MADE EASY, and maybe some other goodies to go with it. Make offer and I will inventory what I have and let you know. Thanks

(Submitted September 19, 2007 13:14:16 by Tom Murphy)

I have an Apple IIC purchased new in 1985. It includes a color monitor w/stand,external 5 1/4 disc drive, AppleImagewriter w/black and color cartridges,all manuals,cables,start up discs, appleworks all in original packaging.Like new..MINT. Make me an offer!

(Submitted July 18, 2007 22:17:35 by Paul)

7/18/2007 I have a apple 2c computer whith matrix printer everything works best offer thanks im in Mississippi.

(Submitted June 25, 2007 19:32:37 by Micah)

I have a 2c and a ton of files (masters thesis and doctorate work) that i would like to transfer to a newer format. Any Ideas? email me at

(Submitted June 7, 2007 19:43:00 by lirane)

I have an Apple IIc great condition, works, has software. Anyone interested in buying can email me.

(Submitted May 31, 2007 10:58:18 by Mary)

I have an Apple IIc great condition, works, has manuals, and software. Anyone interested in buying can email me.

(Submitted May 5, 2007 10:40:09 by Shell)

Hello, I have an apple 2c but i dont have the screen wire so i cant see anything. If anyone has it or know where i can buy it- pleast write for me. Shell,Israel

(Submitted April 6, 2007 21:59:22 by Jay Druckenmiller)

I have an Apple 2c for sale. Monitor, keyboard, stand, external drive, imagewrter 11 printer, plus 5.25 floppy's. Make an offer.

(Submitted February 13, 2007 14:11:24 by Michel Kerroux)

I have a IIc Flat Panel Display: did someone know the price now? Thank you

(Submitted December 19, 2006 09:33:03 by Al Nord)

For Sale: Several new apple //c power supplies, Apple expanded memory card ( requires keyboard with out the rubber membrane) Video modulator ( very rare) and 1 //c+ with the expanded 256k memory card installed ( not cheap)

(Submitted December 18, 2006 15:39:59 by Eugene M. Anderson)

I need a monitor for an Apple 2 C. Ours is not working. The monitor is about nine inches in diameter and attaches to the computer.

(Submitted December 11, 2006 17:18:10 by Diego)

I m selling an apple //c perfectly worcking, a lot of software including games, mouse and color screen

(Submitted December 9, 2006 06:44:30 by Jack Harvey)

O.K. I am no longer selling those items in the last 1-2 posts. Why? Because I would like to purchase a fully operational Apple IIc+ from someone. Needs to be in near mint condition, so please...Sell me one cheap! ( Just clicka my name above) or mail me at

(Submitted December 8, 2006 03:14:22 by herauthon)

I got one Apple //C with all manuals and cables, powersupply and monitor - so, keep me posted - i might get arround making a photo shoot of it..

(Submitted October 29, 2006 07:48:44 by Jack Harvey)

I have an apple //c manual to sell, plenty of apple software and an external 5.25 drive with standard connector, and chain-link capability if anyone is intrested

(Submitted March 27, 2006 16:02:28 by Jon)

Let me fix that: Ctrl-Open Apple-Reset is a full reset.

(Submitted March 27, 2006 16:00:55 by Jon Pruente)

Ctrl-Shift-Reset is a full reset, ie. it tries to load a program from the internal drive (S6D1). To drop to Applesoft BASIC press Ctrl- Reset. A great tip if your internal drive is flakey, and you have an external drive (S6D2) such as the Disk //c - Model A2M4050 is to type PR#7 from the BASIC prompt. That will get the //c to try to boot from the external drive. This won't work if you go to BASIC from a ProDOS disk, as the special routine for it is a hack in the ROM ApplesoftBASIC.

(Submitted January 2, 2006 12:56:27 by CHARLIE DAVISSON)

I have a Appple // c with monitor, external 2.5 drive, apple printer w/stand, complete set of manuals, all connecting cables. Also have National Appple Works Useer Groug (NAUG) volumes from 1989 through 1994. Would like to sell. Anyone intrested please make offer.

(Submitted December 22, 2005 06:54:42 by (a href=mailto:WWW.WWWWWW.crap)Shawn(/a))

Someday even those pesky keybord keys will be worth a fortune apeice!!!! me

(Submitted August 2, 2005 19:02:03 by Simeon Higgs)

My //c has a problem in its power box, and i can't find any schematics for it, could someone help me!

(Submitted July 31, 2005 18:20:48 by bill)

Steve, turn it on and reset it by hiting this Ctrl+Shift+Reset. Then learn Applesoft BASIC for commands.

(Submitted June 16, 2005 09:13:59 by Jerry Electronics Guru)

again Dude if you want to keep your old pc's in top condition you need a technical service manual personally i have the service manuals for the ATARI CX5200, ATARI 400, ATARI 500, also the 810 Disk drive, 410 TAPE drive. I have multiple copys of some. I found these in the back of an old tv shop the boss said to get rid of em' along with these are service bulletins, tech tips,revision requests, and other goodies. might be generous and post a site but only if responce is desernable.

feel free to e-mail me!

(Submitted June 10, 2005 12:52:35 by Al Nord)

I have a working LCD screen for the Apple //c for sale

(Submitted April 19, 2005 11:54:19 by steve)

I have a 2C with a internal 5.5 floppy drive but no floppy to run on it. So I am stuck in dos with no commands. Is there anybody who can help me????

(Submitted February 8, 2005 18:02:52 by Larry Johnson)

I would like to purchase this system. Larry Johnspn

(Submitted October 21, 2004 17:59:47 by Gary Dreibelbis)

Correction: The original Apple IIc had a built-in 5.25 floppy drive; its successor, the Apple IIc+, had the built-in 3.5 floppy drive.

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