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First issue of Apple Magazine/Catalog

Volume 1

Volume Issue Date Title
1 1 1979 Computers in Education
1 2 October, 1979 Computers in Business
1 3 1979 The Challenge of Personal Computers in Industry and Science
1 4 1980 A New Star is Born - The Story of Apple ///

Apple was a publication of Apple Computer and was a combination of magazine and catalog for their products.

These first four issues cover the span between the Apple ][ and Apple ///.

(Submitted January 3, 2012 10:30:45 by cduprey)

Anyone know if there's a market for this catalog -- Volume 1; issue 1? I have one and am trying to determine market value.

(Submitted September 28, 2008 07:39:34 by mona )

Anyone selling the fist macworld magazine with steve jobs on it? Please email me. Thank you!

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