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The Altos 8000ACS computer system

Manufacturer Altos
Model ACS 8000-2
Date Announced 1979 or 1980
Date Canceled
Number Produced
Country of Origin USA
Current Value $250-$500
Processor Zilog Z80
Speed 4 MHz
RAM 32-64K
ROM Unknown
Storage Dual 8" floppy drives, optional 5 or 10 MB hard drive
Expansion None
Bus None
Video None
I/O Two serial, one parallel
OS Options CP/M, MP/M
Notes There were 4 models of the ACS8000:

ACS8000-1 had two Single Sided, Single Density 500K 8" floppy drives.

ACS8000-2 had two Single Sided, Double Density 1MB 8" floppy drives.

ACS8000-3 had two Double Sided, Single Density 1MBK 8" floppy drives.

ACS8000-4 had two Double Sided, Double Density 2MB 8" floppy drives.

Related Items in Collection Televideo 950 terminal, tons of software including original copies of MS FORTRAN, Wordstar and others.
Related Items Wanted Hard drive subsystem, additional software

Altos was a manufacturer of "standard" Z-80 systems. The Altos ACS 8000-2 in my collection was a later product of the company. The chassis is fairly simple with a single board Z-80 based computer running at 4 Mhz, a pair of Shugart drives (mounted upside down!) and 64K of RAM. The "-2" in the name means that this configuration has two single-sided, double-density drives installed.

The computer will run either CP/M (it came with version 2.21 set up for the hardware) or MP/M.

This machine came with a ton of documentation, software and a Televideo terminal (in need of refurbishment). It also came with two copies of WordStar and one of Microsoft Fortran.

(Submitted December 30, 2010 13:34:57 by BEN G GARCIA)

tengo un equipo ALTOS 1086, si alguien se interesa en ella. sistema operativo UNIX con base de datos informix, lenguaje c. perdí la llave de seguridad. 10 usuarios al mismo tiempo. cuanto puedes dar para este equipo de museo?...

(Submitted April 22, 2010 19:01:01 by Kerry)

I am looking for an Altos ACS8000-2 to purchase. Please contact me.

(Submitted January 6, 2009 14:09:10 by Raymond)

I might be interested in an Altos ACS 8000 for my dad. Let me know how much you want for a system that runs CP/M?

(Submitted March 26, 2008 18:47:03 by marc wigan)

I have several (at least 2 and maybe 4) altos 8000 systems. One for sure in 1 8in +Hd the other dual 8 (the rest are dual folppies) I have stored them snce they were taken out of service as UCSD pascal terminal at a local universty, and all have booted cleanly I also have a box or twpo of the relevant software. I want o keep nly one of them so interested purchasers might wish to contcat me.. I am concentrating on my s100 based pascal microengine+z80+t5 1980-82 system (yes it runs) an my Sage 68000 systems.. so the altoses are bing selected againt on the grounds o f sheer time to play!

(Submitted July 26, 2007 09:30:53 by Larry Griffin)

I have two late 80s altos machines. One runs CP/M and has 40MB hard disk, the other runs Xenix. I also have an Altos terminal.


(Submitted July 23, 2006 08:46:46 by malac)

Just to know if u still have 't for sale. i wll like u to send the full picx to me. and i wll also want to know the last price r u going to sale 't. and were is 't now. i am interested in buying it , i wll like to hear from you as soon as possible. ,



(Submitted April 4, 2006 10:45:21 by Robert Cripe)

I have two Altos Model 5-15AD (S/N 50 10523) with Viewpoint 3APlus keyboards attached to ADOS monitors, and software on 8 diskettes. Is anyone interested in this equipment?

(Submitted December 28, 2004 19:47:33 by Garry Morgan)

I have a similar one- purchased by me in 1979 still working. Mine is 8000-2A with a little zoomier front face and woodgrain. My televideo 950 still works good. Came with Mannesman Tally 1000 printer, Altos/Dig Sys Manual, MS Multiplan, Peachtree MagicWand, FMS 80, MS Basic 80, and set of Digital System Interface manuals. Still works well (OK changing discs is tedious)- prefer the FMS data base manager

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