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Well, it's been a while.

I've done some minor updates over the course, but this is the first significant update in 9+ years.

I hope I don't go another 9 before updating again.

But, for now, here's an all new Mobile friendly and much easier for me to update with new content.

The comments section is gone for now. I will probably try to replace that at some point. Most of the rest of the content from the old site is here.

Please let me know if you find any issues.


Website updates have been scarce because I've been busy. No excuse but that one.

As a docent at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA and with all of my other responsibilities my grand plans for regular updates to this site have fallen by the wayside.

That said I have added machines to the collection and I do want to keep adding new machines to the site as I find the time (and, in some cases, as I find the machines in "The Pile"tm.

I did manage to add a couple of new machines:

I've also updated:


I've been very slow on updates but that doesn't mean things around here aren't still moving. The latest update is a revamp of the VC Wiki (now defunct)

. It is now incorporated with the Forums so, hopefully, the spam problem is a thing of the past.


I figured I'd get a New Year's update posted. This time I spent time on the Vintage Computer Magazine Collection inventory, updating some and adding a few:

There was also a major update over at the Vintage Computer Forums that includes a full Content Management System (CMS) for articles as well as user blogs. There is also a nice new appearance to the forum (although clearly not a classic computer feel!) and many new features.

And, of course, the Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace, (now defunct) is still going strong. A few bug-fix updates have been pushed and the site is still a great resource for those buying, selling or trading vintage/classic/antique computers, video games and related gear.


A few new machines:

I've made updates, including some new pictures, to other systems including the Osborne 1a, Commodore Amiga 4000 and Apple II Plus.

Over the course I plan on re-photographing pretty much the entire collection to the quality of the latest additions or better.

I've gotten some new camera kit and plan to make good use of it!

If you need images of a particular machine for a project please don't hesitate to ask. I'll juggle the queue as needed.

Hopefully it won't be 8 months until the next site update!


Several new machines today:

More are on the way, but I ran out of time. . .


Mostly behind the scenes updates (page format/syntax, etc.) and a few new Links. Plenty of other updates are pending, but not yet ready for prime time. :)


Added a few Links that I forgot with the last update.


It was time for a fresh face on the old site so I re-designed the look and interface for I got rid of the graphical pseudo-front-panel menus and went with a more traditional tabbed style done in CSS. The page headers and footers should be locked in place (on modern browsers) and the content areas will scroll between them.

Navigation was improved overall with the collections links being down the left side of most pages with other sets of links (magazines or history) on appropriate pages.

Z-100 Lifeline was added to the magazines and several other pages were cleaned up for the conversion.


The Atari 400 page was updated to include a new machine and I added an IBM PC XT and a Laser 50 Computer.

More importantly the new Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace (now defunct) is now live. Hopefully this service will grow to become a significant alternative to eBay and other auction sites for vintage computer and video game enthusiasts.

As always, Links have also been updated.


Magazines and new machines were the order of the day. . . well, the last several months.

The following magazines were added or added to:

The following machines were added:

Updates were also made to the Rockwell AIM-65 page due to a new machine entering the collection.

Links were added and other minor tweaks were made throughout the site.

Until next time!


I'm off the magazine kick (briefly) so I decided to photograph some of the machines that didn't yet have pictures on their pages.

I also added a few machines to the collection.

I also added a site search capability (courtesy of Google) that might help some folks.

A few other things were updated here and there.


I've managed to catalog or update a few more magazines, listed below

I've also added images to the SWTPC 6800 page and added my new Osborne Executive to the list.


Several magazines were added or updated this time around including:

Obviously I was on an Atari kick, but that's only because those boxes were the ones I grabbed.

I also added several machines:

I also updated my wish list, but there's nothing new about that!

Most of my web updates of late have been spent on building my "personal portal" site at


A fairly extensive update of the Vintage Computer Magazine Collection is underway. I've updated the magazines page itself with tons of premier issue images and additional content and I've added many magazines that weren't yet listed on the site to the catalog including:

Others may have been updated with pictures.

Lots more updates to this sub collection are pending as time permits.


The IBM PC page has been updated in recognition of the 8/12/06 25th anniversary of that machines introduction.


The Magazine Cataloging continues with the following being logged since last month:

Interface Age Magazine was also updated slightly.


I've updated the Kenbak-1 page with a lot of new content and pictures. I also added more info to the Kilobaud Microcomputing Magazine and Interface Age Magazine pages. More updates are on the way!


I've finally gotten the bulk of my collection out of storage and have begun working with some of the returned bits.

I've updated the Hewlett Packard HP-85 Computer page with some pictures and added information about another Commodore Pet 2001 that's had a rough life but most importantly I've started a project to update the representation of my Vintage Computer Magazine Collection. I'm changing the way that issues are listed on the page and using the pages as a bit of an inventory. So far I've only done a few publications:

On top of that I was able to add a few Links. I'll get to more updates, especially magazine cataloging, as time permits. I've also got some new machines to put up!


I've finally scraped together a bit of time and managed to add several systems to the site:

The Commodore 64 Computer page was also updated with pictures - finally!

Another significant change that occurred in February was an upgrade of the message boards to vBulletin. This has added a large number of new features to our community while preserving almost all of the original ones. All older messages, members and private messages were also retained. This is the third and hopefully final message board for the Vintage Computer Forums!

Obviously I've still got a lot of updates to make, but progress is better than stagnation!


My first update of 2006 is a small one, again. I cleaned up and added to the links area. The rest is coming. Really!


This is a small update but it's a start. The 8th Vintage Computer Festival is done so my pictures of that event are now posted and I'll hopefully find time to put up some more stuff.

I've got some new machines including an IBM 5110, a Heathkit H89 and several other fun toys. Each deserves a page and will get one soon.

Meanwhile I've made a few long promised updates to the links and hopefully I didn't forget anyone!


Updated Morrow Micro Decision and added pictures and text to the Franklin Ace 1200 Computer and the IBM PC AT.


I've added one new machine, the Morrow MD-1, and added or updated pictures in the IBM PC Convertible, IBM Portable PC and Apple IIe pages.


I made some quick updates today based mostly on a quick photo shoot with a few of my machines. I'm still getting the "studio" set up the way I want it, but pictures of the NorthStar Horizon, the Processor Technology SOL-20 and the Exidy Sorcerer are now on line. I also added a shot of my new original MITS paper tapes for the MITS Altair 8800.


I've just completed a fairly extensive page redesign for the site including a new common navigational header and an updated style sheet designed to make the page a bit more graphically appealing.

In doing that I've added a couple of new machines including the IMSAI 8080 and Processor Technology SOL-20 and I've made minor updates to a variety of other pages since I was scanning through them anyway.

There are still a few machines in my collection not yet represented on these pages and many that are represented incompletely. I will strive to address that in the coming months.


A number of machines were added to the web site:

Most of these still need pictures added but at least the specs and some bits of information are available.

Speaking of pictures, the Kenbak-1 page was updated with more and better pictures and a bit more text. The older images simply sucked.

Updates were also made to the links and events pages. The Vintage Computer Festival 7.0 pictures are up, but most still don't have descriptions yet. I'll be getting to those. . . really!


I've been a bit slow in updating the site and there are at least a half a dozen machines that need to be cataloged including a couple of Amigas, an Exidy Sorcerer and a Commodore SX-64. I recently acquired a Kenbak-1, however, and that is significant enough to instigate an immediate site update!


I've just added a comment system to almost every page on the site. Comments or additional information can be added using this system.


Things have been busy but I have managed to squeeze out an update.

First, I've added two new machines: a DEC Rainbow 100 and a SWTPC 6800

I've also updated several machines with additional information (some sent in by site visitors): IBM PC AT, Epson HX-20 Portable Computer, Atari 400, Atari 800 Computer, Apple III Computer, Apple IIe


Several updates to links, awards and a few other areas.

Two new machines added: Sinclair ZX-81 and Sharp PC 1500a


A few updates have been made over the last few weeks including the addition of an awards page to display some of the recognition the web site has received.

I've also added a new set of VCF 6 pictures taken by Dwight Elvey to the events page.


I've updated the main menu a little to include two new sections for Information and Awards.

I moved the Computer Collecting article into the Information area and added an article about packing vintage equipment.

The Awards area will hold any awards that this site wins over time. So far there is only one in there, but hopefully we'll get more!


All of the History area has been updated with a significant amount of new content. I'll be revisiting most of the rest of the site to add or clarify content over the course of the next month or three.


I added some pictures of the 6th annual Vintage Computer Festival.


Several new machines added (with minimal descriptions and without pictures, so far):


Photographs and/or descriptions were added to the following collection areas:

Additionally, a new machine was added to the collection:

TRS-80 Model I w/Numeric Keypad


I've added photographs to the Commodore Pet 2001 and Telcon Zorba pages. I'll be adding photographs to some of the other machines soon and updating the pictures on machines that better demonstrate poor photography then the computer on display.


Several new machines were finally added to the web pages and one was updated:


I added a new events entry documenting (in part) the Grand Opening of the new Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Many of the Magazines entries have been updated as well. I'm getting close to at least having all of these cataloged online. Then comes the big task of documenting each one.


A new arrival (Epson Geneva PX-8) has been added to the collection pages.


This should be the last of the specification updates. . .


I'm back on track with the machine specifications with the machines below having been updated:


I decided on another style change today at Vintage-Computer. You'll notice that the fonts are different and that there is now a navigation bar at the bottom of every screen.

I'll get back to machine specifications this weekend.


Several other machine descriptions have been updated:


I've started adding information to the machine pages in my collection. I'll hopefully finish all of them within the next weeks, but for now the following machines are updated with new tables with some facts and figures about each:

A few new links have been added as well.


It seems that there has been a flurry of activity around here lately!

Several pages (the main page, links, some of the history pages, etc.) have been updated to either correct errors, add information or reword some junk I spouted while half asleep. I've also added empty or nearly pages for some new machines in my collection that I haven't yet photographed.


I received a few requests to make this site more readable. Most of the comments reflected the unusual color scheme and background that I had selected. I updated my CSS to hopefully fix most or all of the issues folks were having. If you still can't see or read parts of the site, please let me know.



The Discussion Boards are up and running. Please head on over, sign up and join the community! I'm hoping that we hit "critical mass" and create a space people will visit regularly.


Another provider switch. Live and learn I guess. . . the last one just wasn't cutting it.

The new host provides a free PHPBB message board as part of their service. I've implemented this to gauge reaction before springing for vBulletin. If there's interest, I'll happily pay.

Meanwhile, since you're here, please visit the Discussion Boards and then tell me what you think!


I've just switched hosts and if you are reading this you are pointing to the new host which means I didn't mess up the transfer. With the new host I can now set up some neater features for the site. The first of these will be a vBulletin message board and maybe an associated portal for use by the entire classic computer community.


I've been working on a face lift for the site, but in the meantime I've added two new machines. An Altos ACS8000 and an Altair 8800BT. I also added pictures to the Altair 8800 page.

I have a pile of other machines to add to the site but I wanted to get these up ASAP.

Links have also been updated.


I've made an update to add the following machines:

I've also updated the Atari 800 page to picture the 810 disk drive and the Magazines page to improve the accuracy of the collection.


I've put up a quick update to add one machine to the site for reference purposes. I've got at least 4 or 5 new machines plus several other odds and ends to add as soon as life gives me a few minutes rest.


I've finally found a scrap of time and made a few updates to the site. The most significant are the addition of several new machines including:

I've also made a few other minor updates and modifications. More are, of course, pending.


It has been a busy few months with most of my free time being spent on various projects related to my display at the Vintage Computer Festival 5.0.

Now that I've got a little more free time I'll be adding more to this site. For now, here are a few images from this year's VCF.

Full-sized copies of these images (about 1.5MB each) are available on request.


Today I attended an Open House event at the DigiBarn Computer Museum. There's a new page up with tons of pictures from that.

I've also updated my collection with many new items including Magazines and manuals for my Altair 8800 and 8800a


I've added a few tidbits to the history section, although it is obviously far from complete.


Life intervened to separate me from my work on the site for a while, but I'm back making updates towards a "launch" hopefully within the month. Meanwhile, I added the new Byte Vol. 1 and ADM 3A to my "Other Items" page.


A few updates to the history section. Still lots to do there!


I finally got around to photographing several of my systems and posting some brief write ups. I'm sure I'll put more detailed descriptions of each up in time, but for now I've updated the following machines:


I've recently spent a lot of my spare time playing with a pair of new Altairs and haven't had much time to update the site. I did, however, update those two machines here. I have also created an EZBoard community (I'll get rid of the popups and banners as soon as I make this site "live") and added a few tidbits here and there. I also put some items in my wish list since it made little sense empty!


Added this news page, updated the front page and added several machine (minus descriptions) to the list of owned equipment. Too much work, too short a weekend and too many family events!