From 1984 on the landscape of personal computing continued to change with several trends continuing unabated.

The most major of these trends was the GUI. The command line interface which is effectively dead to the general population today, start its decline with the introduction of the Macintosh and continued losing with Microsoft's introduction of Windows. There are still command line operating systems around today, but most end-users shun them in favor of either Windows or MacOS.

The other major trend in personal computing was an almost religious adherence to Moore's law. Machines have been getting consistently faster and cheaper every year with no sign that the trend will ever stop.

The final trend that I'll make note of isn't really a trend at all. It's more of an inability of the industry to really know where it's going. With a few notable exceptions, most of the "long term" predictions ever written by industry pundits have been very, very wrong. That's what makes computing so exciting and that's why sifting through the old bones of computing history has such an appeal to some.